this is the condition of this popular former K-pop idol artist’s house, as elegant as a five-star hotel
Fans must have seen the apparitionartist house Yulhee ex Laboum and FT Island’s Minhwan.

Yes, not too long ago artist house Yulhee ex Laboum is shown in several videos on her personal YouTube channel.

Artist’s house Yulhee and Minhwan can be said to have an elegant feel, as if they were in a five-star hotel.
Just look at the entrance hall, the lights are not only placed on the ceiling but also on the floor.

White walls and gray floors, the hallway leading to the living room is brightly lit. The interesting thing is that Yulhee’s house has a secret door near the shoe rack.

The door will lead you to the children’s playroom.
Just look at the entrance hall, the lights are not only placed on the ceiling but also on the floor.

Seen the room is full of various toys and scattered on the floor. Then go deeper, there is a bed and a special dress room for children.

Both rooms are decorated in bright colors. Different from the children’s dress room, the room to store Yulhee and Minhwan’s clothes looks more elegant. The walls are covered in dark green wallpaper. It looks harmonious with the old wood color of the wardrobe.

Not much different from the entrance hall, the living room also looks bright. He installed a lot of lighting on the roof and floor.

These lights add to the luxurious atmosphere of the living room which only contains a long sofa and television.

Switch to a kitchen that is equipped with a lot of electronic equipment. Starting from the refrigerator, rice cooker, oven, and induction cooker.

Since this house is relatively new, Yulhee didn’t reveal much from her kitchen.

After that, he took him to his bedroom which only contained one big bed.

Although minimalist, the bedroom is decorated as elegant and clean as possible like a hotel room.
Yulhee himself initially debuted as a member of Laboum after undergoing 4 years of training.

A year later, the couple decided to get married young. Now Yulhee and Minhwan have been blessed with three children. Yulhee himself is still 23 years old, while Minhwan is 28 years old.

Setahun Menikah, 10 Potret Perjalanan Cinta Minhwan FT Island & Yulhee

FT Island’s Minhwan and Yulhee’s Twins Sex Finally Revealed

Minhwan, a member of the South Korean band, FT Island, is still waiting for the birth of his twins. His wife, Yulhee, a former member of the girl group LABOUM, is known to have announced her pregnancy in August 2019. But the two have never revealed the sex of the twins.

In the program Mr. House Husband, which they starred in, recently it was Yulhee’s father who came to their house and revealed the gender of his grandson. “This is a gift for my granddaughters,” said Yulhee’s father while giving it, quoted from Soompi, Thursday (9/1/2020). Yulhee admitted that she was very happy when she found out the gender of the second child.

“I secretly wished for twin girls. When I found out, they were girls, I thought ‘I’ve got it all now’. It felt like I was flying,” said Yulhee.

Minhwan also said the same thing. “I’m also secretly expecting a daughter. I want to buy them a lot of twin clothes,” said Minhwan. Previously, Minhwan and Yulhee had a son who was born on May 26, 2018 and named Choi Jae Yul alias Jjangie.

After completing military service, FT Island’s Minhwan promises to greet fans

FT Island’s Minhwan has finally finished carrying out his mandatory military duty. On Thursday (2/8/2021), the FNC Entertainment agency confirmed that Minhwan had completed his military service that day. The agency said that Minhwan finished his military service early to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

The soldiers were sent home early after the last vacation so they didn’t have to return to the military base to say goodbye. With the completion of Minhwan’s military service, all of the current members of FT Island have completed their military service. Through his personal Instagram account, Minhwan wrote a thank you to his fans.

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