News The host of The Pulse of the Republic joined the list of celebrities who gave their opinion on the controversial moment between the Oscar winner and Chris Rock

News As expected, one of the most controversial figures in Mexican culture joined the list of personalities who gave their opinion on the case of Will Smith and Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars ; It is about Chumel Torres , who used his social networks to show his feelings about the scandalous situation asking not to be like the winner of the transmission of the 94th delivery of the Academy Awards in the category for Best Actor.

In social networks, the debate about the already iconic slap has not stopped, because while some support what he did on stage, many more strongly disapprove of the action. For this reason, the driver of El Pulso de la República shared a short video with the moment in his own way, assuring that people must attend therapy to be able to differentiate between a joke and real life, so now users turned to him the statement asking that it be better not to be like Chumel.

Go to therapy so you can understand a fucking joke. Do not be like Will, he tweeted as a first instance to add his analysis of the situation hours later, insinuating that in some way the actor’s wife could have directly influenced the violent reaction in such a way: He laughs, she does not. She spends a second and hits him. My hypothesis is Will Smith, victim of ‘are you going to allow this? ‘Discuss,’ he finished.

Don’t be like Chumel was the phrase that was immediately repeated in his publications, where the users of the blue popcorn platform assured that he was once again getting into a very controversial topic without understanding many things about how everything had happened like this such as the claims about his moral capacity to be able to make a value judgment and recommendation like this when “in his past” he has made jokes with macho, misogynistic, transphobic and homophobic tendencies.

Real Chumel is telling us ‘don’t be like Will’, here the thing is not to be like him . “Why does a person like Chumel Torres ask not to be like someone else, even though he did make a mistake, it has nothing to do with their pasts.” You should see yourself in a mirror before giving advice and opinions that no one asked you for , but as always you are nosy there. “A macho and homophobic talking about how one shouldn’t be in life when the last thing he wants is to be like Chumel.”

The world of Mexican entertainment continues to add to the topic of conversation that promises not to end soon. One of the most controversial figures for experiencing a similar situation has already given his statements in this regard, Eduardo Yáñez spoke: I am on the other side, of the ‘hand’ there are colleagues who feel very salsa with a microphone and dare to lack the I respect others , he commented during the Vivalvi de Multimedios program .

Eugenio Derbez was one of the compatriots who celebrated to the fullest during the 94th edition of the Oscars 2022, since the film CODA , in which he participated, took the most coveted statuette for “Best Film”, he shared how he experienced the shock in I live between Will Smith and Chris Rock, being one more Mexican figure talking about the event:

It was very strong, we were inside and when it happened, we all burst out laughing because we thought it was a joke, but the moment came when we began to see the rudeness, and we said ‘this can’t be a joke’ , this is serious and then it there was a tremendous silence and there was a lot of tension, “said the Mexican actor who gave life to Bernardo Villalobos in CODA .

By Jaya