The Batman A movie theater in the US recently made audiences hearts flutter when a “mystery guest” acted. He let loose a real bat to fly through the center of the theater when the movie premiered The Batman .

There are many ways to make real life more like a Batman Movie. Dropping a real bat flying in the middle of the theater is a very dangerous way.

However, this method was chosen by one of the cinema guests in the United States.

The strange story above took place on The Batman release date last March 4 at Moviehouse & Eatery theaters in Austin (Texas, USA).

While the audience was still engrossed in watching every detail in the movie, someone stealthily released a real bat that made everyone panic.

Moments later, a veterinarian immediately arrived to investigate and deal with a guest whose “joking” behavior was very dangerous for everyone.

One of the two spectators at the theater that day, Twitter accounts named @jeremiah24_ and @sparty1211 described the theater that day as very chaotic when real bats flew out of nowhere.

Theater staff reassured customers and handled the situation temporarily before the police arrived by telling the audience:

“We will turn off all the lights, except for the glowing screen, to attract the bats to a bright area. If you are not comfortable being in the dark with this animal, please get out now.”

Despite the fear, many viewers still decided to continue enjoying the movie with the fierce bat. The theater then announced ticket refunds to those who attended the “memorable” screening that day.

Sinopsis The Batman 2021
It is a suspenseful and action-packed thriller that depicts Batman in his early years.

Struggles to balance anger with truth as he investigates the disturbing mystery that has terrorized Gotham.

Robert Pattinson delivers a new and intense portrayal of Batman as a brutal vigilante who is desperate and awakened by the realization that the rage consuming him makes him no better than the ruthless serial killer he is hunting.

By Jaya