CODA is one of the most captivating and emotionally touching family musical drama films of 2021. The film is getting a lot of attention as it has won various awards including the Palm Springs International Film Festival 2021 and the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. The film itself is a remake. from the French film, ‘La Famille Bélier’ which was released in 2014.

CODA (Child of Deaf Adult) is a term used to describe children of hearing-impaired parents. It is told that Ruby is a high school teenager who spends her day helping work on a fishing boat with her family every morning before leaving for school. Since childhood, he has been the bridge of communication between his family and outsiders. Due to his family background with a disability, he is often bullied by his friends. Ruby’s desire to sing in the choir as an extracurricular option began to awaken.

His music teacher, who loved his voice, offered to tutor him personally so he could audition at the Berklee College of Music for a scholarship at the school. But his parents, who were afraid of Ruby leaving them, rejected the idea outright. However, in the end, her family agreed because when Ruby sang with her friends on a performance at school, Ruby’s parents who couldn’t hear saw the various expressions of the audience when Ruby sang, making them believe that Ruby is a great singer.

Another interesting side of this film is that it stars actors who are also families of people with disabilities who are deaf. This makes us feel more when watching it. The film can be watched live on the Apple TV+ channel. We can take many positive moral values ​​from this film, especially so that we can appreciate and listen to our brothers and sisters, especially people with disabilities. (Pearl/SU)

By Raufs