movie that soothes the soul like CODA deserves nods from the experts.

Perhaps besides Will Smith’s “heavenly” slap on Chris Rock, CODA ‘s win is also a huge surprise at this year’s Oscars, not because the quality of the film is not worthy, but from the fact that CODA ‘s breakthrough in front of “strong” competitors. Overcoming the names “banyan tree” Don’t Look Up, Licorice Pizza, King Richard, Nightmare Alley, Belfast, West Side Story, Drive My Car, Dune and especially The Power of the Dog with all 12 nominations, what gave CODA a spectacular win over this formidable competitor at this year’s Oscar nominations for best picture?

It must be said that CODA ‘s crowning at this award is a precedent at the Oscars ever. In addition to the fact that it is a streaming movie, rarely does the most special category of the biggest movie award on the planet give a story revolving around family problems with very light, idyllic and unusual details. There are many breakthroughs in such a storyline. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the victory of this work is considered as the most unbelievable award-winning film in Oscar history ever.

And yet, being nominated in 3 categories, winning all 3 trophies, there’s really nothing sweeter than what happened to CODA at this year’s Oscars, which can only be commended and admired for Although a film is not overestimated in terms of themes, details and story progression, it is CODA ‘s sweet and heartwarming sweetness along with the noble human meaning from the film that has helped CODA to move forward . this glorious glory.

Derived from the movie’s name, CODA stands for “Child of Deaf Adults” which has shown viewers to clearly feel their difference from the works. The film revolves around a deaf family living by fishing in the city of Gloucester, Massachusetts (USA). Their youngest daughter – Ruby (Emilia Jones) is the only one in the family who can hear and communicate normally with everyone. Ruby is faced with the decision to pursue her singing dream or will she choose to stay in the countryside to help her family members?

The beauty of CODA is that instead of delving deeply and emphasizing, chiseling into the unhappiness and pitifulness of Ruby’s family, the film has shifted to focus on exploiting stories with high human values ‚Äč‚Äčabout ambitions, wishes, and desires. dreams, about the desire to change your life and appreciate everything you have, value family happiness. The film brings a cool breeze, planting seeds of hope for souls with details and images that are close, simple and close to life. The picture of the Ruby family appears very simple, although the film revolves around a family with defects in themselves, but it is not heavy, negative or overly melancholy.

Another special thing that brought CODA to the top is the “emotional” cast. Besides the very natural acting of the main cast, CODA has some deaf actors in the roles. The way the film injects sign language into the film and operates it coherently goes beyond mere “act”, which can be a powerful factor in making it resonate.

Troy Kotsur’s supporting actor, who also won this year’s Best Supporting Actor category, became the first deaf actor to win the prestigious Oscar. On the other hand, the Oscars in recent years have also received a lot of feedback because of the lack of diversity and inclusion in the winning works. Therefore, compared to a CODA that is not only beautifully handled in terms of stories and emotions, but also contains deep human values, it just solves Oscar’s headaches. This is probably another reason why it won Best Picture.

(image source: IMDb)
Compared with all the analyzed things, the most important thing to be able to affirm the success of CODA is thanks to the speciality, serious investment in film quality, living and shining with the author’s own strength. Products. The soundtrack also helps the film to have moments of sublimation in emotions, a movie that is extremely sweet, gentle, profound and easy to understand.

CODA is a movie you can watch when you need some comfort and healing. Perhaps since this turning point, the Academy’s gaze and objective assessment will change more or less when the drama, conflicting climax, thorny topics or sharp sarcastic voice are no longer relevant. The key to “snatching an Oscar” is also important in the meaning and value that the film brings from its image and story. The small everyday things, but sometimes bring extraordinary value – this is what has been missing for many years at the Oscars, when the celebrated cinematic works are too gloomy and unhappy about the message. both implicit. Thanks to CODA , both brightness and optimism have returned to the Oscars. Hopefully this will be a lasting phenomenon at this award.

By Yas Il