In 2022, actor Park Byung Eun returns to acting in a drama titled Eve (2022). In his comeback this time, Park Byung Eun will be paired with artist Seo Ye Ji.

Park Byung Eun is a South Korean actor who has started his acting career since 2000. He made his acting debut through a small role in the drama Mr. Duke (2000).

Comeback with Seo Ye Ji, let’s take a peek at a collection of Korean dramas starring Park Byung Eun.

1. Park Byung Eun with Esom became one of the three main couples in the drama Because This Is My First Life (2017)

2. After appearing in the first season , Park Byung Eun is again the best police profiler in the drama Mystery Queen 2 (2018)

3. Park Byung Eun works as a famous chef in the drama Mistress (2018). In this drama, he is also the husband of Choi Hee Seo

4. In the drama Your Honor (2018), Park Byung Eun plays a lawyer and heir to his father’s law firm

5. While in the drama Voice 3 (2019), Park Byung Eun turns into a cruel psychopath who hides behind his good figure

6. Park Byung Eun plays the general of the Arthdal ​​guard troops in the drama Arthdal ​​Chronicles (2019). He is also Jang Dong Gun’s half brother

7. Participating in the drama Kingdom Series (2020), Park Byung Eun became the head of the royal command and a skilled archer you know

8. So Jang Na Ra’s best friend, Park Byung Eun is a recently divorced pediatrician in the drama Oh My Baby (2020). The two of them will be together

9. In the drama Lost (2021), Park Byung Eun is the husband of Jeon Do Yeon, who is willing to do anything for his wife

10. Paired with artist Seo Ye Ji, Park Byung Eun will be the CEO of a large company in tvN’s new drama, Eve (2022)

After last year starring in the drama Lost (2021), Park Byung Eun will return to comeback in the latest tvN drama titled Eve (2022). In this drama, he will be the main character along with Seo Ye Ji. The drama Eve (2022) is planned to air on May 25, 2022. Stay tuned, yeah!

By Jaya