Kawaki is one of the most interesting characters in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations . His presence was welcomed by fans of the Naruto series . Kawaki also transformed into one of the important characters in the storyline of the manga and anime Boruto. An editor of this series even likened Kawaki to Sasuke Uchiha. In an interview, Ren Manabe, editor in the editorial department of V-Jump which publishes the Boruto manga , revealed the similarities between Kawaki and Sasuke. The person who oversees the contents of the entire magazine is also monitoring Boruto’s progress.


According to Manabe, Kawaki will end up almost as a replica of Sasuke. On the other hand, Sasuke actually already has a daughter from his marriage to Sakura. The editor then corrected his statement by saying Kawaki had become a character who identified more closely with Naruto than with Sasuke.

But, it’s not like that at all. Kawaki and Boruto have their own characteristics,” said Twitter accounts Abdul_S17 and rocha_luana who translated the interview as quoted by Comic Book .

For manga readers, they will know the truth of Manabe’s words. It was Kawaki’s history that made him more identified with Naruto than the others. Boruto doesn’t have to worry about Sasuke kicking him as a student as soon as Kawaki shows up. Either way, Naruto got a disciple.

Manabe’s statement that Kawaki is closer to Naruto than Sasuke is true. The latest chapter of the Boruto manga reveals how much Naruto means to Kawaki. Kawaki is one of the most interesting pieces in the puzzle battle against Isshiki Otsutsuki. In chapter In the new manga, Isshiki managed to catch Kawaki by using Naruto as bait. While Kawaki’s attempt to save them shows how Kawaki feels for Naruto, the new chapter also shows how Naruto has changed Kawaki’s life.

Chapter53 begins with Kawaki entering the battlefield. Isshiki then tried to catch him. However, when Isshiki threatened to kill Naruto, Kawaki risked his life to save his teacher. From this it can be seen that Kawaki has shown improvement from his usually rude attitude since he was appointed by Naruto. Although initially Naruto opened his house to Kawaki as a way to keep an eye on him, Naruto’s attitude began to break Kawaki’s shell. Not only did he offer Naruto his prosthetic arm—which he still fills with chakra—but he also started teaching Kawaki how to use jutsu.

When Isshiki starts threatening Naruto’s life, Kawaki starts getting a series of flashbacksintensive. One of them showed him hiding from Jigen who was looking for him with an angry cry. Then, the second one shows Naruto telling Kawaki about how he sees a lot of himself in Kawaki and then Naruto agreeing to be his jutsu teacher after the fight with Delta.

Kawaki then approached Isshiki to save Naruto. He then said that he would rather die than live in a world without Naruto. Kawaki revealed that the figure that was there was a shadow clone. He managed to buy time until Isshiki’s life ran out and saved Naruto.

Naruto Must Make Difficult Decisions in the Boruto Series Episode 220

This month, Boruto Uzumaki experienced a lot. However, the real problem is just getting started. Naruto’s son had just taken part in two life-threatening battles with criminals.

Boruto seems to be struggling to expand all the weight around him. And, there’s a reason. Now, the writer of the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations , Honda Masaya, is promising that things will get worse. He revealed it on his Twitter account.

Boruto is terrified by being invaded by Momoshiki and Naruto is forced to make an important decision. The two of them had no time left. Don’t miss it,” he wrote.

Boruto is still processing everything that happened when Isshiki Otsutsuki arrived in Konoha. Last month, the anime series spent time tearing down that fight. Isshiki proves to be very hard to beat.

Not only did Naruto lose Kurama in the fight, but Boruto’s curse mark provided an opportunity for Momoshiki to take revenge against Sasuke. The Uchiha now lost his Rinnegan. Meanwhile, Boruto is engulfed in the knowledge that the seal could go wild at any moment.

Quoted from ComicBook , Masaya is ready to explore this complicated feeling in the latest episode of Boruto. However, the heroes have more to do than brood. The new synopsis confirms that the Chunin Exams will be held. What’s more, the series is poised to adapt the current manga arc featuring Code and Delta.

The Chnin Exams are a rite of passage for the younger generation in the ninja world. These genin ninja will try to reach new levels in various exams. These trials bring together soldiers from different villages.

This test ultimately boils down to a one-on-one battle between various participants. The exam also has a component where teams of three try to navigate their way through treacherous terrain. With the test giving ninjas from Konoha and beyond the ability for serious promotions, it will be interesting to see how Team 7 is now in action after they got a major upgrade from the fight against Kara.

“Chunin Exams Again!? The previous Chnin Exams were postponed due to Otsutsuki’s intervention, and to deal with a new threat, a Chnin Exams will be held again! Boruto and his genin classmates gather. They work together to become Chunin,” reads the synopsis ofthe latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations .

While the Chnin Exams can be dangerous, this storyline will be seen as a reprieve for Konoha’s young ninja. The consideration was the threat they faced from Jigen and his crew. Now, Team 7 has Kawaki in addition. So, it will be interesting to see how this test will go and who will reach the Chunin rank in Konoha.

By Ichong