The South Korean music group, Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS, which consists of 7 members, namely Jin , Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V , and Jungkook, debuted in 2013 under the agency Big Hit Entertainment.

The debut with the song ‘No More Dream’ did not give BTS an opportunity to win on Korean music programs.

Only after releasing the song ‘I Need You’ in 2015, BTS was able to bring home the first win after 2 years of debut.

Since then, BTS has won many times on Korean music programs and even international awards.

After BTS’s newest song ‘Dynamite’ was released, many records were achieved with the English song, including beating Taylor Swift’s record on Spotify.

One of the successes of the song ‘Dynamite‘ in Korea is that it has won 10 times on music programs. This 10th victory has successfully completed 100 BTS wins on music shows since their debut until now.

This victory was obtained after defeating Blackpink and ITZY on the SBS Inkigayo music program on Sunday, September 13, 2020

The song ‘Dynamite‘ BTS managed to excel by gaining 8626 points, followed by Blackpink with ‘Ice Cream’ which received 5453 points, and third place was ITZY with their latest song ‘Not Shy’ by obtaining 3469 points.

To celebrate BTS’ 100th victory, Army as BTS fans made the hashtag BTS100thWin and became a trending topic on Twitter.

Army feels proud of BTS’s achievement, so they share their feelings on social media as well as support for their favorite boy band.

Reporting from Soompi, BTS did not plan to release this song because since the beginning of the year they were busy preparing a new album, but during the process of making the album they found this song and released it.

BTS considers that the song ‘Dynamite’ is very suitable to entertain people around the world who are struggling against Covid-19.
They also explained that ‘Dynamite’ was a single before their album was released this year. Although it seemed sudden, this song did not disappoint fans.

The unique thing about this song is that it uses English lyrics, which makes international fans happy, although many fans wonder why it prefers to use English lyrics.

Because for Korean singers, they rarely use English for their song lyrics.

By Yas Il