There are many abilities that can be obtained by an anime character. The ability to get stronger, the ability to sharpen the senses, and many other abilities that are very commonly seen in anime characters. However, what happens if there are characters who are gifted with the ability to imitate the abilities of other characters?

Of course, there are many characters with the ability to imitate this in anime. This time the author will summarize five anime characters who have the ability to copy the abilities of other characters. With this ability, they can use the opponent’s ability just by imitating it or seeing it. Come on, let’s see the full review below!


1. Neito Monoma (My Hero Academia)
When it comes to copycat in the My Hero Academia anime , Monoma is the right character to describe it. This class B student has the ability to imitate other people’s abilities by touching them. Coupled with his expertise in strategy, Monoma has indeed managed to overwhelm many characters against him.

With a Quirk called Copy, Monoma has the ability to use other people’s Quirks freely. He can also imitate at least four Quirks simultaneously in a span of ten minutes. After the allotted time, Monoma must make physical contact again in order to imitate someone else’s Quirk again.


2. Adam (Record of Ragnarok)
Adam’s character in the Record of Ragnarok anime managed to make one of the highest gods, Zeus, almost defeated by his abilities. The difference in strength between Adam and Zeus was too great, but Adam managed to overcome his shortcomings with one of his very useful abilities.

In the story, Adam has the power of the Eyes of the Lord which allows him to copy his opponent’s abilities with just a glance. Adam’s eyes will turn red and begin to copy Zeus’ every move with accurate speed and power. It is like, Zeus is like fighting a mirror when he is dealing with Adam. No matter how fast Zeus launched an attack, Adam always managed to turn his back on him using a technique he used flawlessly.


3. Tsubasa Ozora (Captain Tsubasa)
Tsubasa is a talented footballer in the anime Captain Tsubasa . His persistence in playing soccer makes him a very difficult opponent for the other characters. Because Tsubasa’s ability to learn is too fast, he is able to copy the other characters’ techniques and use them in the game.

So far, some of the techniques that have been copied by Tsubasa are Stefan Levin’s Aurora Feint, Aoi Shingo’s Right Angle Feint, Rivaul’s Rivaul Turn, Carlos Santana’s Santana Turn and Rolling Overhead Kick, Hikaru Matsuyama’s Eagle Shot, and Snowboard Dribble and Miracle. Juan Diaz’s overhead.

4. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)
Known as a copycat ninja in the Naruto anime , Kakashi’s ability to imitate jutsu or other ninja techniques can be quite accurate, you know. This nickname is indeed very fitting because Kakashi has at least imitated thousands of jutsu from other ninja.

Thanks to the Sharingan in his left eye, Kakashi can read his opponent’s movements in as much detail as possible. The Sharingan also allows him to peek three seconds into the future so that the target’s movements ranging from facial expressions to movements when the opponent makes hand seals can be easily predicted by Kakashi.

5. Ryota Kise (Kuroko’s Basketball)
From the line-up of basketball players in the Kuroko’s Basketball anime , there is one player who has the ability to imitate and apply the techniques he imitates better. This character is named Ryota Kise.

Kise has an ability called Perfect Copy. Initially, he used his abilities to get A’s in sports lessons. After enrolling in the basketball club, Kise was quickly accepted and became a permanent member. Although his imitating ability is quite good, Kise cannot copy the moves of top players, such as those from the NBA or those who are stronger than himself.


Despite imitating the abilities of other characters, the five characters in the list above have proven to use their powers in clever ways. With limited copying, some characters also managed to improve the techniques they copied in terms of speed and strength. Of the five copycat characters above, which character do you like the most? Tell other readers in the comments!

By Rama