Conflicts in an anime can occur due to various specific backgrounds. Not infrequently, some of the highlighted antagonist characters also show flashbacks that clarify their reasons for being evil. Traumatic experiences to horrific experiments can also be the root of serious problems in some anime.

Well this time, the author will review four anime whose conflicts are motivated by human experimentation. Because of this experiment, some characters in anime also have special abilities and intelligence with a price and cause that must be paid. In addition to having an impact on the characters, the experiments carried out also make the storyline in this anime even darker. Curious? Let’s review one by one!

B The Beginning : The Netflix original anime, B The Beginning tells the story of a mysterious serial murder case masterminded by a killer called Killer B. Although the police are trying to uncover the motive for Killer B’s murder, they find that the murder that occurred is quite strange because he only targets criminals.

The deeper the investigation is carried out, this serial murder case has links to an orphanage that burned down in the past. This orphanage, called the Jaula Blanca Institute, was established specifically to research ancient fossils that were thought to be gods in the past. They did a lot of experiments until finally using the children as guinea pigs to resurrect the god.

Terror in Resonance : Following the story of a police chase to hunt down a terrorist duo named the Sphinx, the root of the problems in the Terror in Resonance anime lies in the gruesome experiments performed on the characters as children. The government project called the Athena project was originally published as a place to develop the abilities of gifted children.

However, behind this, the real aim of the Athena project is to produce humans with artificial savant syndrome so that they will later be useful as government weapons. Since this experiment aims to create children with savant syndrome, the brain performance of these children will be increased to the extreme so that they become smarter than ordinary humans.

Because of this experiment, the children who were the subjects of the experiment were also at risk of dying prematurely because they forced their brains to work beyond limits. After this project failed and the experiment site caught fire, only a handful of children survived this tragedy. Two children named Nine and Twelve managed to survive and become terrorists in order to inform the public of the cruelty of this experiment.

Monster : This anime, which focuses on the pursuit of a psychopath named Johan Liebert, does offer a tense conflict. Seeing how Johan’s character becomes so evil and kills people, his nature is linked to his past when he was cared for in an orphanage called Kinderheim 511.

Kinderheim 511 is a special orphanage run by the German Ministry of Health and the Interior. This orphanage is quite different from other orphanages. The managers there conducted some inhumane psychological experiments on children.

The orphans in this orphanage also turned out to be from criminal groups, spies, to traitors to the state. Because of these experiments, doctrines, and inhumane treatment, the personalities of children from Kinderheimm 511 tend to have been damaged and have different views from other children.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood : If we look at the flashback in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood , the election of the leader of the country of Amestris seems to have been planned from the start by the main antagonist, Father. To select the right person for the position of Fuhrer, Father gathers scientists to conduct training as well as research using orphaned children.

Fuhrer candidates were trained in leadership skills, fighting techniques, to instill the belief that they should not hesitate to attack anyone for their cause, even comrades. After King Bradley was chosen as the best candidate, he was then granted the power of the Philosopher Stone. If he is able to withstand the power of the Philosopher Stone and succeeds in becoming a Homunculus, King Bradley is appointed as the Fuhrer who will rule the Country of Amestris.

By Rama