Who doesn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo ? The Juventus star, who turns 35 this year, is often referred to as the world’s best football player . He has won the Ballon d’Or five times, the award for the best footballer in the world.

However, behind his success, did you know that this Portugal national team captain had to go through difficult times early in his career?

Maybe some of you know that Ronaldo is from the island of Madeira. This island is far from mainland Portugal in Europe. This made Cristiano have to leave the place of his birth to realize his professional career at the age of 11 years.

Ronaldo in several interviews admitted that it was initially something that was hard for him. According to him, he had cried when he had to part with his family and childhood environment.

Before moving, Ronaldo’s life in Madeira was not too lucky. His family can be said to be inadequate. His father, who was a kitman at a local football club, was an alcoholic. His father’s bad experience made Ronaldo avoid alcoholic beverages to maintain his physique and appearance on the gridiron.

With this background, Ronaldo honed his skills at the Sporting Clube de Portugal academy or commonly known as Sporting Lisbon. The 1985-born footballer not only trains the ability to process the round skin, but also physically.

Ronaldo has a high posture capital but with a small muscle mass. He got around this situation by boosting the portion of his physical exercise.

The result, we can see to date. At the age of 35 years, Ronaldo has not shown a decline in performance. Even a few years ago, it was reported that Ronaldo’s physique can be compared to a 23-year-old player!

So what can we learn from Ronaldo’s experience? At least we know that anyone can achieve their goals and success in life. Ronaldo is an example of an ordinary person who can now enjoy life as a successful footballer. Since childhood, he has had unfortunate experiences.

And that experience made him learn to find ways how he can be successful in his career.

Great Determination

In addition to experience, Ronaldo is known to have a high passion for pursuing something. Several of his colleagues at Sporting, United and Juventus admit that he is a disciplined figure in pursuing something.

Perhaps the story of Patrice Evra can illustrate how Ronaldo has passion in achieving goals.

As already mentioned, Ronaldo is a figure who has above average physical abilities. Once, Evra visited Ronaldo’s house after training with Manchester United in the afternoon. Evra plans to rest and maybe have a nice chat with Ronaldo. However, Ronaldo actually invited him to do sports again at home. After lunch, Evra was invited to practice and swim.

Perseverance and discipline like the story above makes Ronaldo able to excel with any club. This of course he applies based on the experience he experienced while pursuing a career at Sporting.

He was able to change the image of himself coming from the ‘outside’ region of Portugal into someone who deserves to be signed by big clubs, especially Manchester United in 2003. In that transfer, Ronaldo became the most expensive young player in the English league with a ransom of 12.5 million pounds.

Hopefully you are inspired by the story of Ronaldo’s struggle and can learn from it.

By Arkha