Debt 500 Thousand Yen Because of Mobage, Japanese Police Palak People.

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Degradation! At least our police are lazy and provide a “fast track” if we are ticketed for a bite of rice or buying cigarettes. Now this Japanese policeman is threatening and harassing people to pay Mobage’s debt! Okay, it’s understandable that today’s social games or mobile games are very addictive. But yes ‘not like that’ also yes.

Moreover, the police from Hyogo prefecture, who is known as Takahiro Ueyama, deliberately traps the public so they can be beaten! as reported by rocketnews, after recording an interview with a woman due to traffic problems, Takahiro investigated the info he got to obtain personal information about this woman, including her address and other info on June 10.

After that Takahiro contacted the poor woman and threatened her by placing a letter in his car with a message that he had an obscene video of the woman and was willing to sell it to the woman so that it wouldn’t spread. The next day, the woman who was brave enough immediately reported the threat to the local police and Takahiro was immediately charged with premeditated crime.

Ueyama, who is 44 years old and has more than 20 years of experience as a police officer, was just promoted this year. And during that time he had no criminal record. Typical community protector police. Loh then how can it be like that? Why did this seemingly clean and unpretentious cop suddenly do something like this?

The first thing that comes to people’s minds may be economic problems related to family, life-threatening things like kidnappings, or drugs. Well the usual excuse in police dramas and adult stories that can invite tears. But it didn’t! All this he did “only” because of mobile social games!!

His phone bill to date has crossed the 500,000 Yen mark, with a bill from June of 200,000 Yen, all because he keeps buying items and (probably) powerful in-game equipment that can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of yen. Feeling that he couldn’t afford it, he was finally forced to take a “shortcut”—even though he admitted that he didn’t want to take money from the public at all (what’s going on, sir?)

This news quickly spread throughout Japan via various media and the reaction of the Japanese internet was quite predictable.

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