Entering the industrial era 4.0, Chinese automotive manufacturer DFSK through their factory in Cikande, Serang, Banten, has become one of the most sophisticated factories in Indonesia.
In an official broadcast received by detikOto, DFSK claims that their factory in Cikande, Serang, Banten is one of the most sophisticated and modern automotive factories in Indonesia because 90 percent have adopted robotic technology in its production process.

He explained that this robotic technology adopts a robotic arm that gets automatic operation support through the use of the internet for coordination, so that it can help workers more optimally, in presenting quality vehicles.

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“DFSK is committed to being present in Indonesia by bringing the latest technology it has to produce vehicles with a high level of precision, stylish, and full of modern features to support all consumers. All of this can only be obtained after going through a truly perfect production process and supported by qualified human resources like those of the DFSK factory

Although carrying a robotic technology system, DFSK ensures that it will not reduce the role of workers, because according to DFSK, Resources (HR) are an important aspect in DFSK’s business continuity. So that with a robotic technology system, it will be able to maximize human resources during operations, and be able to improve work in various aspects of production ranging from stamping, welding, painting, assembling, to quality control.

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“The construction of the DFSK factory with industry 4.0 standards is our main capital in serving all of our consumers both in Indonesia and abroad. This is in accordance with our initial plan by making Indonesia one of the global production centers that serve the needs of our consumers around the world,” Achmad Rofiqi added.

For the record, DFSK currently has several flagship products such as DFSK Glory i-Auto, DSFK Glory 560, DFSK Super Cab and DFSK Gelora. info/red

By Arkha