The goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team revealed a curious detail about the River striker.

Dibu Julian

Julián Álvarez lives his last days as a River footballer . The striker will play in the Copa Libertadores round of 16 at the end of June and then leave for Manchester to join Pep Guardiola ‘s City . Emiliano Dibu Martínez , goalkeeper of Aston Villa in England and partner of Araña in the Argentine National Team , revealed that he told the millionaire scorer to accompany him to his club some time ago.

First of all, Dibu referred to what it will mean for Álvarez to be managed by Guardiola , one of the best coaches in the world. “We are talking about the fact that he is going to work with one of the best coaches in the world today and Julián has a lot of commitment to the team. He is going to do well…” , sentenced the goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team.

Then, he said that during the 2021 Copa América , which the albiceleste would end up winning at the Maracaná , he told Julián to go play with him at Aston Villa . “We know the talent that he has, he is very humble, very sacrificed and works hard. I think he’s going to be a superstar ,” said Dibu , adding: “I wanted him to come to Aston Villa, before the Copa America I told him to join us.”

Dibu Martinez

The Argentine National Team won the Finalissima: the emotion of Dibu Martínez

“It was something incredible to be champion at the Maracana and now at Wembley” , he began by highlighting who guards the three sticks of the national team, to later explain what it means to have been able to win a new title with the Argentine National Team : “It is a dream that I still I don’t know if I’m going to wake up.”

Already giving an analysis of what happened on the green grass during the 90 minutesDibu commented that in the previous one they knew “how good they were, but we didn’t let them turn it around at any time. We focused on it and we could have done more . ” Finally, he spoke directly to the Argentine fans and with visible emotion he blurted out: “I hope all Argentines celebrate, like me.”

Emiliano Martinez

The probable formation of the Argentine National Team vs. Estonia

Franco Armani or Geronimo Rulli ; Gonzalo Montiel , Germain Pezzella , Lysandro Martinez or Marcos Senesi , Marcos Acuña ; Exequiel Palaces , Guido Rodriguez or Alexis Mac Allister ; Alexander Gomez or Mac Allister ; Lionel Messi , Julian Alvarez or Joaquin Correa and Nicolas Gonzalez DT: Lionel Scaloni.

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