Apart From Its Idols With Millions Of Fans, The World’s K-Pop Music Industry Is Stealing The Spotlight. However, It Should Be Noted That Behind The Song-Making Process, Many Swedish Songwriters Contributed To Its Success.

There are many possibilities that K-Pop songs that are classified as hits are compositions or works written by Swedish songwriters. Many don’t even realize it, even though Swedish songwriters are becoming more common in the K-Pop industry which is now interesting to talk about.

One of the Swedish songwriters, Cazzi Opeia who has written for K-Pop artists such as TWICE , BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) and most recently, ENHYPEN provides information behind the song-making process. He often worked with fellow Swede, Ellen Berg otherwise known as Sunshine. They signed a contract with EKKO Music Rights.

Together they have worked on songs such as “Icy” which was popularized by ITZY . They also often work closely with Ludvig Evers and Jonathan Gusmark who are also known as Moonshine. The four of them worked together on Red Velvet’s “Peek-A-Boo” in 2017.

Of course, K-Pop fans are already familiar with non-traditional K-Pop music formats. There are usually several different sections for singing and rapping. It’s not uncommon for two parts of a song to sound very different. For many fans, that’s the appeal.

And the composer Cazzi Opeia also feels the same that the appeal of K-Pop music has had its own characteristics. “There are no rules in K-Pop. We can have three hooks, one after the other, if a singer wants. It can be crazy and colorful, and that’s the most interesting thing,” said Cazzi Opeia.

Their songs look exactly like that, “crazy” and colorful. Meanwhile, Korean songwriter Michelle Cho thinks that Swedish songwriters are very good at writing K-Pop songs because of their emotional understanding.

“Swedes seem to have an emotional understanding of us Koreans. They write melodies that seem to really touch our emotions,” said Michelle Cho.

True or not, K-Pop fans seem to love songs composed by Swedish songwriters. Alex Marshall wrote, “The Swedes write such a catchy melody, fans want to sing it at packed stadium shows and at their local karaoke bar.”

Meanwhile, regardless of where the musicians who compose K-Pop songs come from, in fact now the K-Pop music industry continues to show its strength in the international realm. Even thanks to the music industry, all of South Korea’s entertainment industry has become the world’s spotlight.

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By Fuzy