We examine how the Walt Disney animated studio schedule looks for 2022 and 2023 after the premiere of ‘Encanto’: from the movie ‘Searcher Clade’ to its first original series: ‘Iwájú’.

The premiere of ‘ Encanto ‘ on November 26 marked a new step for Walt Disney Animation, the main animated division of Disney studios focused until now on producing feature films of children’s stories, princesses and adventures that form the canon of the company since Walt Disney founded it. However, the audiovisual landscape has changed a lot since then and with the consolidation of the Disney+ platform, the company is devoting the same efforts to cinema as to television series.

During the 2022 and 2023 calendar, for the first time in its history, Walt Disney Animation Studios will stop delegating television series to the subordinate division ‘Disney Television’ to take the reins by itself of a new series of projects in serial format . The first of them will be derivatives of the company’s most popular recent feature films, but starting with ‘Iwájú’, Disney will also begin producing original stories, thus opening a new phase in the studio’s history.

Meanwhile, Walt Disney Animation continues, slowly but surely, its schedule of one movie per year in time for Christmas. The result is an ambitious schedule that, as we did with the upcoming Star Wars releases, with Disney’s live-action remakes, with Marvel’s phase 4 (and also with Warner’s DC Universe ) we will update in this entry with the news.

This is the Walt Disney Animation Studio calendar for 2022 and 2023 .

Baymax! – Serie

This is the first series in history to be produced directly by the Walt Disney Animation Studio. For the occasion, Disney has decided to bring back the character of Baymax, the adorable inflatable robot and personal sanitary companion from the movie ” Big Hero 6 ” (based on the homonymous Marvel comics). This time instead of seeing Baymax with the team of heroes we will find him working as a nurse on a daily basis.

The series has been directed by Don Hall , co-director of ‘Big Hero 6’, ‘Vaiana’ and ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’.

Release date : Unconfirmed. Scheduled for summer 2022, on Disney +.

Strange World

Following ‘Charm,’ Walt Disney’s big theatrical release for next year is this film made by the ‘ Rray and the Last Dragon ‘ team: screenwriter Qui Nguyen and director Don Hall . Little else is known about this film of which the synopsis is not yet known.

Release date : November 23, 2022, in theaters.

Zootopia+ (Zootrópolis+) – Series

The second series from the Walt Disney Animation Studio will be a return to the mammalian metropolis of the 2016 film. Taking advantage of its short format, the series will delve into the lives of supporting characters from ‘ Zootopia ‘ such as Fru Fru (the newlywed arctic shrew) . , the dancing tigers or the iconic sloth.

Release date : Unconfirmed. Scheduled for 2022, on Disney +.

Tiana – Series

Newly crowned Princess Princess of Maldonia, Tiana once again embarks on a grand adventure through New Orleans. The series will maintain the musical essence of ‘ Tiana and the frog ‘ and will be directed by the African-American filmmaker Stella Meghie (‘Portrait of love’).

Release date : Unconfirmed. Scheduled for 2023, on Disney +

Iwájú – Series

It will be Walt Disney Animation Studios’ first completely original series rather than a spin-off story from a pre-existing film. For the occasion, Walt Disney has teamed up with the African company Kugali to recreate a futuristic Nigerian city in which the story will take place.

Release date : Unconfirmed. Scheduled for 2023, on Disney +

Moana (Vaiana) – Series

The characters from ‘ Vaiana ‘ return in this animated series that will maintain the musical component of the original film. John Musker and Ron Clements , the couple responsible for the best Disney classics of the 90s (‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Aladdin’…), ‘Tiana del sapo’ and ‘Vaiana’ itself seem to be taking over of the project.

Release date : Unconfirmed. Scheduled for 2024, on Disney +






By Jaya