January 2022 is coming soon. This means that there will be a series of new Korean dramas and films that are a pity to miss. Various genres are here to pamper the fans. From medical to thriller, there’s everything, you know .

What titles will air in January 2022? Check out the review here, OK? Check this out !

Ghost Doctor : Ghost Doctor is a medical drama that also carries the fantasy genre. This drama tells the story of two doctors with different personalities and trapped in one body. Cha Young Min (Rain) is a genius doctor but he is very arrogant.

Due to an incident, Young Min’s spirit enters Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom) who is also a doctor, but is not happy with his job. Seung Tak himself was born into a chaebol family which allowed him to do anything without having to work hard.

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Spider-Man (2021) สไปเดอร์แมน โน เวย์ โฮม

The Matrix 4 (2021) เดอะ เมทริกซ์ เรเซอเร็คชั่นส์

4 kings (2021) อาชีวะยุค 90

Tracer : The second drama, titled Tracer, tells the story about the employees of the tax service agency that are the most feared by public institutions. The tax service agency consists of four people who have high fighting power in upholding justice.

Hwang Dong Joo (Im Si Wan) is a new manager who has high professionalism. Meanwhile, Seo Hye Young (Go Ah Sung) is a woman with a tough personality. There is also In Tae Joon (Son Hyun Joo) who works as a commissioner and is famous for being very ambitious. Lastly, there is Oh Young (Park Yong Woo) who is the head of the agency.

Special Cargo : Special Cargo is an action film that will air in the first half of 2022. This film tells the story of a courier and driver who has special abilities named Eun Ha (Park So Dam). He accepts money from anyone who uses his services.

Eun Ha’s delivery success rate always reaches one hundred percent. Until an incident gets him involved in an unexpected shipping accident.

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Rumble (2021) มอนสเตอร์นักสู้

The King’s Man (2021) คิงส์แมน: กำเนิดโคตรพยัคฆ์

The Policeman’s Lineage : The second film in the first half of 2022 is The Policeman’s Linage . The film is about a dangerous investigation by a special investigative team. The team has a duty to catch the perpetrators of large-scale crimes.

Park Gang Yoon (Cho Jin Woong) is the head of the investigative unit who uses all means to carry out his actions, including illegal means. Meanwhile, Choi Min Jae (Choi Woo Sik) becomes a police officer who will investigate the corruption case of Park Gang Yoon.

Those Who Read Hearts of Evil : Those Who Read Hearts of Evil tells the story of a criminal profiler named Song Ha Young (Kim Nam Gil). His job is to analyze and read what a serial killer will do.

The task is quite heavy that does not make Ha Young just give up. He always believed he could uncover the culprit behind the murder case.

The five Korean dramas and films above will accompany you next year. Various genres that air will spoil the fans. So , which title are you most impatient waiting for?

By Rama