Dragon Ball Super is offering a thousand and one more transformations to the repertoire that Akira Toriyama offered in the past with Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT . The manga continues its progress while the anime is still stopped, waiting to be resumed (will it be when Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is released in Japan as a return to the audiovisual) and in it we have recently seen a new form of Vegeta that has blown us away: the Ultra Ego . In this state, Kakarot’s eternal enemy draws power and strength from his rude character, from what makes him have that (sorry to put it that way) arrogance against his rivals .

As always, the artists stay on top of anything that’s published and take every opportunity to showcase their talents. Although we have already seen Vegetto in Dragon Ball Super, we are a bit lacking in fusion in this new phase of fiction. And that is why ComicBook has collected this sensational design that transforms Gogeta and the aforementioned Vegetto into Ultra . Vegeta’s Ultra Ego and Goku’s Ultra Instinct go hand in hand in this illustration that gives us very long teeth: Launches Editorial Standard June 2022

Goku and Vegeta’s fuions at their full power

Renaldo_Saiyan has been the author of this work of art that has caused a sensation among the community of Dragon Ball fans . Hopefully something like this can be seen in the future because it certainly takes the characters to another level. And with that power, things could get out of hand. Who could stand against such beasts in combat?

Remember that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will not only have its premiere in Japan on June 11, it will also arrive in Europe (and therefore in Spain) this summer. We still do not have a fixed date but there are already those who point out that we will see the new Gohan, Piccolo and company in August.

By Jaya