The month of May 2022 still presents a number of Korean dramas that are no less exciting than last month. There’s Woori the Virgin, starring Shin Dong Wook to Sung Hoon, as well as Eve, which is Seo Yea Ji’s comeback drama.
The dramas can be watched on Viu starting May 2022. Here is the complete list:

1. Woori the Virgin

An unexpected stir happened to Im Soo Hyang on Woori the Virgin. Oh Woori is dating Detective Lee Gang Jae (Shin Dong Wook).

During a date, Woori said that he wanted to keep his virginity until the wedding day. Lee Gang Jae respects the wishes of his lover.

Woori went to the gynecologist for a routine checkup. This is where things start to get out of hand.

Red Carpet at the 2022 Met Gala
The obstetrician accidentally got Woori pregnant due to artificial insemination. The father of Woori’s baby is the CEO of a cosmetics company named Raphael (Sung Hoon). Behind his cold face, Raphael is a person with a romantic soul.

Unfortunately, Raphael is already married to Lee Ma Ri (Hong Ji Yoon). Then, what should Woori and the baby do? Woori the Virgin can be watched since May 9, 2022.

2. Eve

The longing of Seo Yea Ji’s fans has finally been answered through his latest drama in 2022. Eve is Seo Yea Ji’s newest drama this year.

She plays Lee Ra El, a woman who has not only attractive appearance but also extraordinary intelligence. Lee Ra El’s divorce from a chaebol family member (a rich family) became a horrendous scandal.

The divorce became a byword for many people because Lee Ra El filed a lawsuit for 2 trillion won. Many people are curious about the reasons behind this divorce. What really happened to Lee Ra El’s divorce?

Eve can be watched starting May 26, 2022.

3. Backstreet Rookie

There is an interesting love story between Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung in Backstreet Rookie. Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) is known for his handsome face which makes the supermarket where he works is always crowded with female visitors.

Jung Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Jung) is known as a troublemaker who asks Choi Dae Hyun to buy him cigarettes. Instead of buying cigarettes, Choi Dae Hyun actually gave this girl wise advice.

After several years have passed, Choi Dae Hyun is reunited with an adult Jung Saet Byul. It turns out that Jung Saet Byul applied for a part-time job at Choi Dae Hyun’s supermarket. The intense meeting of the two grew the seeds of love in their hearts.

Backstreet Rookie stole the show when it aired in 2020. Well, this drama can be watched again on Viu.

4. Youn’s Unexpected Journey

Although not a Korean drama, but Youn’s Unexpected Journey is one of the most anticipated varieties. After success with Youn’s Kitchen and Youn’s Stay, PD Na Young Seok returns with Youn’s Unexpected Journey in 2022.

This variety show is still starring actress Youn Yuh Jung. This well-known senior actress has won the Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress in the film Minari.

Youn’s Unexpected Journey will tell about Youn Yuh Jung’s life while in Los Angeles. In addition, actor Lee Seo Jin, who has also been in Youn’s Kitchen and Youn’s Stay, is reportedly also joining the show.

There’s a lot of fun going on in Los Angeles with Youn Yuh Jung, Lee Seo Jin, and PD Na that shouldn’t be missed. Youn’s Unexpected Journey premieres May 10, 2022 on Viu.

By Yas Il