A spin-off of the 2002 animated film titled Spirit: Stallion of the Chimarron. An animated film that can stand alone without having to watch the 2002 version. The film, which explores the adventures of 3 friends, is directed by Elaine Bogan, which is her directorial debut. Then for the voice actors there are the names of Jake Gyllenhaal, Julianne Moore and Isabele Merced.

Spirit Untamed tells the story of Lucky Presscott, an orphan who never got to know his mother because he died in an accident at a horse attraction when Lucky was a baby. Lucky, who was cared for by his grandfather until he was 10 years old because his father could not escape the grieving period. Lucky often creates problems that trouble his grandfather. During the summer vacation Lucky was sent to vacation where his father lived, a father he had not seen for 10 years. And Lucky’s life journey begins. Lucky not only tries to get closer to his father he doesn’t know very well, but also goes on an adventure with his two new friends Pru and Abigail on a mission to rescue a herd of horses that are about to be brought up for sale and placed in a working horse stable. lucky,

Spirit Untamed presents the story as light as possible which makes it friendly for all ages. The main characters of 3 little children who are adventurous will be very easily liked by children. It’s just that the drama portion is a little torn between Lucky and Spirit-Lucky’s relationship and his father. The plot of the story focuses more on the relationship between Lucky and Spirit, which makes the father’s character which is quite important only explored in a modest way. However, the level of entertainment in this film still feels thick. Especially in the adventures of Lucky, Pru and Abigail.

In terms of animation, when compared to the visuals of other Dreamworks animated films showing in theaters such as Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kungfu Panda and many others, it is very clear that the quality of Spirit Untamed is still below those titles. Watching Spirit Untamed visuals is like watching Dreamworks animated series on cable tv.

Overall, Spirit Untamed still has many shortcomings. But a light and entertaining story that is very easy for children to like can cover it up

By Kania