Embrace Vladimir Putin, Conor McGregor Shrinks Threatened by Russia Paspampres

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The legendary UFC fighter, Conor McGregor , had received threats from the Russian presidential security forces .

The moment occurred when McGregor met with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin .

McGregor was rarely told what to do.

In addition, he is a person who is not easily afraid which makes him the most dangerous MMA fighter on the planet throughout his career and eventually won the title.

However, when he met the Russian president who was known to be scary, McGregor had shrank for a moment.

It came as McGregor visited Moscow to watch the 2018 World Cup final and met Putin ahead of France’s 4-2 victory over Croatia.

There, The Notorius is seen in the video greeting Putin and enjoying a brief conversation.

Then, things were so happy that McGregor thought he could put his arm around Putin’s shoulder for a group photo. However, it triggered a member of the Russian Paspampres to move swiftly.

The expression on McGregor’s face changed drastically from excited to nervous after almost getting beat up.

However, McGregor and Putin then took a photo together with the 33-year-old fighter’s hand in front of him.

They ended the brief meeting with a handshake. After that, McGregor bowed and continued on his way.

McGregor later posted a photo with Putin on his personal Instagram account, where he called the 69-year-old the greatest leader of our time.