The decision of Manchester United (MU) to recruit Antony could be a blessing for Chelsea. The scenario is, the Blues can sell Hakim Ziyech to Ajax who need a replacement for the winger.

Last weekend, MU successfully locked their fifth transfer of the summer. The team nicknamed the Red Devils managed to secure the services of Antony from Ajax Amsterdam.

The Red Devils had to pay a fairly high dowry to Ajax for this transfer. They ransomed the player for around 100 million Euros.

The Daily Mail claims that the transfer of Antony is a blessing for Chelsea . The Blues have been splashed with fortune as a result of this transfer.

Domino effect
The report claims that Antony ‘s transfer had a domino effect. The striker’s departure made Ajax have to find a replacement.

Incidentally, Ajax has already pocketed the name of Antony’s replacement. They want to re-sign Hakim Ziyech from Chelsea.

Because the transfer market will close soon, Ajax began to speed up the transfer process for Ziyech. So Chelsea are reportedly getting fresh funds from Ziyech’s transfer.

Hard to Sell
Ajax’s decision to sign Ziyech,
is a blessing for Chelsea. Because they had a hard time letting Ziyech go this summer.

The player is not included in Thomas Tuchel’s plans. However, they have difficulty selling him because of his long contract and high salary.

So Antony’s move to Manchester United smooths Chelsea’s plans to sell Ziyech this summer.

There’s a Substitute
Chelsea itself is not worried about being left by Ziyech. Because Thomas Tuchel has pocketed the player’s replacement.

The manager is said to want to recruit Anthony Gordon from Everton.

By Raufs