Kpop Gen 4 opens the beauty era with 4 treasures: Karina and beauty STAYC like graphics, Won Young compares 2 JYP beauties

4th generation Kpop beauties such as Jang Won Young , Yuna , Karina are given separate nicknames by netizens because of their unique and distinct beauty.

Each generation of idols, the Kpop fan community has witnessed the debut of a series of stars with both talent and beauty. In which, outstanding are the beauties possessing outstanding faces, considered to be the beauty representatives of each generation. The first generation that stands out is Eugene (SES), the 2nd generation with long-lasting beauty Yoona (SNSD) and in the 3rd generation, Irene (Red Velvet), Jisoo (BLACKPINK) or Tzuyu (TWICE) are still “” make it rain”.

Although the seniors have not yet cooled down, the 4th generation “kindergartens” still ascended the throne and proved their strong attraction because of their unique and impressive beauty in their own way. If “goddess” is a good word to refer to the top visuals of the first 3 generations, in this new generation, each beauty representative is given a different nickname, stemming from her own style. of that beauty.

Queen Bee” Yuna (ITZY)

Yuna is nicknamed by the public as Queenka, which stands for Queen Card, which means “queen bee”, referring to the most popular girl in American-style school movies . The ITZY member has a high-teen vibe, exuding the aura of the hottest girls in school. The youngest member of ITZY is also famous for possessing a visual that is both smart, cute , sweet, and beautiful. The goddess of JYP scored with big round dove eyes, a pretty smile and pouty lips.

Princess” Jang Won Young (IVE)

Among the female idols whose beauty is especially gentle, feminine and pure like a princess, Jang Won Young is the most prominent face. Her small face with ethereal, pure lines and feminine and gentle demeanor help the female idol look as beautiful as a princess. The heart-fluttering beauty of the new generation’s popular center has never disappointed the public.

CG” Karina (aespa)

Since her debut, Karina has become a hot topic because her visuals are so unique, sharp, and surreal like a graphic character. She is praised for her unreal beauty, as beautiful as CG graphics. The female idol has a small face, sharp nose bridge, enchanting cat eyes and a statue-like angle. Her eye-catching and attractive appearance helps center aespa often occupy the spotlight when standing on stage.

Fairy” Sullyoon (NMIXX)

Sullyoon is gradually becoming a “new generation darling” when just debuting and has continuously bombarded the forums even though it has only been released by the “big man” JYP Entertainment for a short time. In the top MV, when on stage, she is even more beautiful. People fall because Sullyoon is like an angel coming out of a fairy tale with pure, pure, beautiful beauty and sparkling eyes.

Computer Games” Yoon (STAYC)

Yoon is nicknamed “SIMS”, a play on words between her surname Shim and the computer game SIMS. She made a strong impression on the public with a face like a graphic, as beautiful as a Japanese doll, and an aura as cold as ice. When observed close-up, the beauty born in 2004 causes a strong memory with her big round eyes, small nose bridge and sweet lips.

As two cult beauties of the new generation, Karina (aespa) and Sullyoon (NMIXX) are easily compared.

NMIXX’s debut was considered a failure, the digital music rankings were miserable, plus the reaction from the public was not as positive as expected, and there was a high risk of becoming a “bomb” in the first half of the year. It is for this reason that JYP is considered “disgusting”, unable to keep up in the girl group market. However, all the cool hands do not know, in terms of visual selection, the “boss” is clearly still very talented.

Looking at JYP’s new rookie lineup, Sullyoon – the visual member of NMIXX, has continuously become the focus on social media for the past few days. Korean netizens can’t stop admiring the young and innocent appearance of the female idol born in 2004. Her visual is commented as a “hybrid” between two famous seniors in the same family, Sana and Tzuyu ( TWICE). Thanks to that, Knet believes that Sullyoon will follow in Tzuyu’s footsteps to become the representative visual of the 4th generation.

Like it or not, the entry of rookie NMIXX on the Kpop race will probably cause a lot of confusion. The debut song has a “flop”, so in the end, NMIXX is still JYP’s pet chicken. YG’s new girlgroup has not yet set a debut date, which means that the girl group battle from BIG 3 in the near future will most likely revolve around aespa and NMIXX.

I don’t know how the situation will end, but if we just look at the public’s attitude towards the main visuals of the 2 groups, Karina (aespa) and Sullyoon (NMIXX), a bias phenomenon can be seen “not at all”. light”. While Sullyoon’s image is constantly being actively searched and transmitted by Knet, Karina used to make netizens “itchy” for appearing too much, even being called a “media-play product” of SM.

Specifically, the time before debut and even a few months after aespa officially debuted was a rather turbulent time for Karina. She is mocked as “SM princess”, her beauty is not recognized by netizens, but she often “hits” for embracing all her personal projects, when appearing with the group, she also plays the role of a human. most prominent.

SM also worked hard to flatter the family, promoting Karina as a comprehensive female idol, not hiding their intention to push the leader aespa strongly through the investment in shaping and costumes. SM’s obvious media-play move has caused Karina to suffer a lot of scandals, and her image is not very good in the eyes of netizens. Even aespa was once mocked as “the group of Karina and friends”.

By Jaya