Chelsea fans spoil the moment of applause for a minute in solidarity with Ukraine before kick off against Burnley in the Premier League , Saturday (5/3).

The Premier League imposed a minute ovation involving both teams of players in support of Ukraine, which was undergoing an invasion from Russia.

The Burnley vs Chelsea duel at Turf Moor Stadium also enforced this. In the midst of this moment of solidarity, Chelsea fans even shouted the name of Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea fan action sparked a response from Burnley fans who dominated the stadium stands. They jeered the Blues fans by shouting boo…

The moment of solidarity for Ukraine also lacked wisdom due to the behavior of Chelsea fans who interrupted when the applause for Ukraine took place.

Chelsea fans have their reasons. Abramovich is a Russian tycoon who has owned Chelsea shares for 19 years.

However, Abramovich ultimately decided to sell the Blues stake, following calls for sanctions to seize the London club.

The pressure came from comments by British MP Chris Bryant, who called for Chelsea to be taken from Abramovich hands.

Not stopping there, Bryant also mentioned Abramovich background as a politician and was suspected of being involved in a corruption scandal and the Iraq war.

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By Jaya