Sad movies that can make viewers cry are not only from the drama genre. Animated movies are also known as one of the movies that presents a sad and moving story.

The following are some recommendations for anime movies with sad stories that are guaranteed to make the audience burst into tears.

Grave of the Fireflies

Known as one of the saddest anime movies and makes the audience cry, this movie has a background story that occurred during World War II.

Brothers and sisters must survive in a war attack from Japan’s allies. They were both separated from their parents after their house was hit by a bomb attack. So that both of them only have their brother to survive.

Your Name

This movie follows the story of two foreign teenagers who switch bodies, unexpectedly ending with the two falling in love.

The sad story of this movie arises when the two find fate that tells otherwise about their relationship. Don’t forget to prepare tissues when watching this anime movie by Makoto Shinkai!

Spirited Away

One of the anime by Studio Ghibli entitled Spirited Away is an anime that also has a sad story that touches the heart.

Chihiro, has just moved house and is on her way to a new house with her parents. On the way they get lost into another mystical world and turn their parents into pigs because of greed. Now Chihiro has to fight to get her parents back to being human again.

Hotarubi no Mori e

The next sad anime tells about a girl who gets lost in the forest. He is then helped by the spirit of a man wearing a mask.

On the way to get back, the two of them fall in love with each other. But a sad tragedy they have to face. Until they have to separate and can’t be together even though they start to love each other.—news-entertainment-6235a32747593d482189f917—news-entertainment-6235a32a83f8b456e29dd915

By Jaya