Many rumors that say Cristiano Ronaldo will be sacked by Erik Ten Hag do not seem to be true.

The forward is reportedly the player Erik Ten Hag wants to keep in the summer.

Ronaldo ‘s survival cannot be separated from Erik ten Hag ‘s decision to use and maximize former Real Madrid players in his playing scheme later.

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Quoted from The Telegraph, previously reported that the Dutch manager did not mind if in his team there was a figure like Cristiano Ronaldo .

The news seemed to refute the news some time ago, that Ronaldo would not suit Erik ten Hag ‘s playing style and could potentially cause problems.

Some people think that Erik ten Hag doesn’t like Ronaldo because of his playing scheme that doesn’t depend on just one player.

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Cristiano Ronaldo himself still has a worthy performance even though he is 37 years old.

Ronaldo has even become Man United’s top scorer with a record 24 goals since his return to Old Trafford.

The last few games also prove that Ronaldo’s presence is still very much needed by the club.

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The winner of 5 Ballon d’Or is also still able to run fast to keep up with the tempo of the English League.

With the leadership, technique, stamina, quality and experience that Ronaldo has proven , Erik ten Hag has started thinking about a new strategy to include Ronaldo in his playing system.

Quoted from the Soreang Journal from various sources, here are Erik Ten Hag’s considerations below.

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1. Ronaldo‘s performance is still OK

One of Erik Ten Hag’s considerations is to keep Ronaldo because Ronaldo ‘s performance is still big and okay

This season alone Ronaldo is still the Red Devils’ top scorer. He managed to make 24 goals from 37 games for the Red Devils.

2. Great Influence

Erik Ten Hag wants to keep Ronaldo because of his huge influence in the dressing room.

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Ronaldo is considered to have a big influence in the Manchester United dressing room. Many team players see Ronaldo as a role model.

Ten Hag was also impressed by how Ronaldo carried the MU squad during a difficult period.

3. Want to Survive

Ronaldo himself was recently reported to still want to stay at Manchester United.

Ronaldo wants to finish the rest of his contract at Manchester United


By Arkha