Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elbordi starring Euphoria is a teen series produced by HBO.Euphoria itself tells the various problems of teenagers who tend to destroy their self in my opinion.

Rue Bennett is the main protagonist in Euphoria, played by Zendaya. Since childhood, Rue has been diagnosed with mental illness, she suffers from OCD, ADD, general anxiety disorder, and possibly also has bipolar disorder. Rue’s parents had already realized this. Rue grew up normally, only the death of his father made him a drug addict. At the beginning of the Euphoria season, we are told that Rue has just come out of rehab.

His anti-social nature makes it difficult for Rue to get along and can’t get away from drugs, actually Rue has a good friend, Lexi Howard, because of this drug problem, Rue rarely hangs out with Lexi anymore. Until one day Rue meets Jules, a new transfer girl at school who attracts her heart and makes Rue want to get rid of her drug addict.

Jules is a very sweet child, her style is cute and colorful, how about that. And he always looks cheerful, when he first appeared, I didn’t know and I had no idea that he was actually transgender.

Jules moved with his father to the neighborhood and school Rue, after his parents divorced. Since the age of eight, Jules has struggled with depression and gender dysphoria. With his parents he had to be treated at a psychiatric hospital. Until finally at the age of 13, his parents (well more specifically the father) accepted Jules’ gender dysphoria, until Jules finally started his transformation to become a woman.

Since then Jules began to explore his sexuality, he had sex with married older men, etc. found on online dating sites.

Since moving Jules befriends Kat, and best friends with Rue. Hunter Schafer who plays Jules is also a trans gender in her real life.

Those who like kissing booths must be familiar with this handsome face, Yup Jacob Elordi in Euphoria plays Nate Jacobs. This time his role is again a popular handsome guy, the difference is that in Euphoria he is really evil.

This Nate has a girlfriend Maddy, where Nate is very toxic and likes to manipulate Maddy. Nate actually struggles with his sexuality.

Maddy is a very confident girl, she has an on and off relationship with Nate. Sometimes Maddy has to endure being a victim of Nate’s emotions. But he persisted because there was something he needed from the figure of Nate.

Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard has previously played on the Netflix series Everything Sucks. In Euphoria she played Cassie Howard, the younger sister of Lexi Howard.

Cassie was popular at school, and so was her best friend Maddie. Only he is famous for his sexy videos and photos that are spread among the boys at school. This Cassie has a relationship with McKay, who has graduated from their school and is now in college,.

Only with negative rumors stuck to Cassie, their relationship was really tested.

Kat is not confident with her fat body. He is the type if he wants something he will try to achieve it. In the past, he was really obsessed with writing fanfiction, until he had friends online because of the popularity of his fanfiction. One of his famous FFs tells of Larrie ~ shipnya Louise and Harry and 1D. Because broadcasting this Euphoria was protested by many directioners.

Because she wants to have a new reputation, Kat then uploads her sexy videos on a site that looks like a porn hub.

Senior and his best friend Nate, once on the football team. It tells about his struggles as a football player, his college life and his relationship with Cassie.

Rue’s best friend, who always supports Rue but Rue often forgets about her. This Lexi is also Cassie’s older sister

Good Point
Make Up & Outfit
Euphoria is the most special in her make up. With the majority of the cast being women, we are spoiled with non-mainstream eye makeup.

And also their super cool Halloween party outfits.


For the size of the teen series, Euphoria is one of the ones that has quite a luxurious cinematopography. For some scenes, visual effects are used a lot, the long shoot camera is cool and the lighting in each scene is well calculated.

The narrative in this series is very helpful in telling in detail the lives of the characters so that we can understand what caused them to act as they do today.

Well, you don’t have to ask, everything really plays the character. Especially Zendaya. How does he play Rue who is very difficult to stay clean. Jacob Elordi as the super evil Nate, and my favorite Barbie Ferreira as Kat.

By Yas Il