K-Pop group EXO celebrated a decade of debut on Friday (8/4/2022). This nine-member group has released dozens of albums from Mama’s debut to the newest Don’t Fight The Feeling. Here’s EXO’s transformation in each comeback.

1. A total of 12 EXO members already look stunning on their debut album Mama

2. EXO during the Growl era, the song that ranks second in MelOn’s list of 100 legendary K-Pop songs

3. Starting from the song Miracle in December to The First Snow, EXO’s winter songs on this album are very comfortable on the ears

4. The song Call Me Baby was also no less a hit when it was released in 2015. Part DO ” Baby girl ” still makes me melt until now

5. From baseball uniforms to sporty outfits , these nine EXO members look stunning no matter what style

6. If you see EXO on the album Sing For You, the default is immediately cool like it hit the snow

7. From choreography, music, to vocals, EXO has proven their talent again through the album EX’ACT. His flagship song which also still sounds melodious to this day is Monster

8. The aura of the sultan and the bad boy EXO radiates in the Lotto album teaser

9. One of the legendary summer songs, Ko Ko Bop , became the title track of The War album

10. EXO tampil funky dalam album The Power of Music

11. Winter will be warm thanks to the Universe album. The songs are suitable as a lullaby and healing

12. There is a Lay in the album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo. Cool storm like a motorbike boy

13. EXO’s charisma is increasingly overflowing in the Love Shot album teaser . The look in his eyes makes me flutter~

14. With the concept of EXO and X-EXO, the six members seem to have two personalities in the album Obsession. The song Obsession is also the #1 best K-Pop song released in 2019 according to Billboard

15. Do not refuse to go to space if an EXO member becomes a pilot. Together with Lay, EXO released a special album Don’t Fight The Feeling in 2021

Those are EXO’s 15 transformations in every comeback. Happy 10th anniversary to our EXO!

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