Squid Game with 6 games at once 1 special game, ends with one person as the winner. 455 people were eliminated in this life-threatening game.

Besides the final completion of the game, Squid Game still leaves many questions at the ending. Some things are not explained and make the audience can only guess what really happened.

The following is a list of questions at the ending of the Squid Game as well as an explanation:

1. The role that Gong Yoo plays in the game

Gong Yoo appears at the beginning of the episode. He came to Seung Gi Hun who was desperate because of money problems. At that time, Gi Hun was in a low position in his finances. This is also made worse by his family situation as well. So he became very desperate.

In the midst of his despair, Gong Yoo comes to offer a game of ddakji. In this game, Gi hun chooses a red envelope.

The rules of the game, if Gi hun manages to turn over Gong yoo’s red envelope, he will get 100,000 won. And instead he had to give Gong Yoo 100,000 won if defeated.

Unfortunately he tried many times and Gi hun failed to overturn his opponent’s ddakji. Since he had no money, the 100,000 won that he should have given was replaced with a slap.

Countless times he was slapped, but in the end he succeeded. And he really got his money.

It could be that the money in this ddakji game is like a fishing rod. With the profits he gets, Gi hun will certainly be interested in participant slots for the games that Gong yoo offers.

Seeing how Gong yoo lures Gi hun, here it appears that his role is like a salesman. He made the best possible offer so that people would be interested.

Or what if Gi hun chooses the red envelope? In theory maybe he’ll be on the staff. Because if you look at it, the staff themselves have a very structured role in the game.

Towards the end, Gong Yoo also still appeared with the same game. This indicates that Gong Yoo is also an important part in driving the game.

But unfortunately there is no detailed explanation of where it is located in the game organizer structure. He is so mysterious that his name is not even mentioned. That’s why the audience can only dub the character by his real name.

2. Is police officer Hwang Jun ho still alive?

Towards the end when cop Hwang Jun ho is finally shot by the front man is a surprising plot twist. Because after he investigated that far, the audience hoped that something surprising like the location of the game was exposed by the police.

But it turns out that what Jun ho did seemed just in vain. He was shot by the person he was looking for.

Even though he had collected a lot of evidence, Jun Ho also failed to send it to the police headquarters because of signal problems. Even though he was just a step away from getting help from the police.

Viewers are still very hopeful that Jun Ho’s character isn’t really dead. His last moment was to fall into the sea after being shot by a front man. There is no final scene where he died after being shot. If there is a continuation season, of course Jun ho’s character can still be developed.

3. The reason police officer Hwang’s brother became a front man

Front man is a character who wears a black cape and mask. From the beginning, many viewers thought that the front man was the brain behind the game. But it turns out that there are people who are more important, namely the host as the main brain.

So structurally, the front man is like the right hand of the host. It is he who takes over the decisions when the host comes into play in the game.

The question is why Hwang Jun Ho’s older brother became the front man. It’s true he can be in that position for being a game winner in 2015.

However, the exact reason why he is in that position is not clear. He even had the heart to shoot his sister. This indicates that he is bound by an agreement to maintain the secrecy of the squid game . Because he himself looked very sorry after shooting his sister. Looks like someone who has no choice, or rather can’t choose.


By Yas Il