Who does not know Marvel , the largest production house for the superhero universe in America. After successfully making a profit with the Avengers film , in 2021, Marvel is producing a new film Eternals. The film brings together top actors and actresses from comedian Kumail Nanjiani to Golden Globe Award winner Angelina Jolie. But who would have thought one of the star cast of Eternals is a handicapped impaired.

Joining Lauren Ridloff in Eternals brings a breath of fresh air to people who have limited senses and physical limitations. Ridloff’s journey in American cinema is a unique and valuable experience, because not everyone with disabilities has the same opportunities as Lauren Ridloff.


1. Lauren Ridloff joined Eternals without an audition
Quoting Lauren’s interview with The New York Times, Wednesday (15/9/2021), Lauren said that getting the opportunity to join Eternals was an opportunity she never thought she would.

First, he auditioned to play another film , after a few months later, Lauren got a call for a role at Marvel. Since the casting director didn’t tell her which Marvel movie to star in, Lauren initially thought she had an offer to play in Black Panther. Who would have thought that after that, he met Eternals director Chloé Zhao and executive producer Nate Moore.

“Then I got a call that the film director wanted to see me, so I left everything and left for LA. The presence of Chloé Zhao and Nate Moore denied all my suspicions and they asked if I was interested, and I immediately said yes ,” said Lauren.


2. Lauren plays a different role from her fictional character
In the film Eternals, Lauren plays Makkari, in the Marvel world it is illustrated as a white man with a big difference. Quoting from Marvel Fandom , Makkari has many super abilities, such as having super stamina, being able to fly, creating illusions, manipulation of cosmic energy , and teleportation.

In fact, in the film adaptation of Eternals, the producers of this film offer something completely different from the comics. The male characters who are big, white, and can hear are replaced with small, black, and deaf disabled women. In an interview with The New York Times, he responded with pride.

“Honestly, I don’t know much how they make decisions like that. But I love that they decided to make everything about Makkari different from what it was in the comics – he’s a big guy, let’s go find a small one. He’s blonde, let’s find him. who has black hair. He’s a boy, let’s find a girl. He can hear, and now it’s changed to a character with a deaf disability, “said Lauren to The New York Times, Wednesday (15/9/2021).


3. She was once frustrated, Angelina Jolie provided a solution
A deaf person who plays in films has its own challenges. Lauren Ridloff admits he was frustrated when playing movies. The biggest challenge is how Lauren receives direction from the director. He conveyed this anxiety to Angelina Jolie. Then Angelina Jolie provides a solution by using a laser pen that can be easily erased with special effects. This solution works and can help Lauren in receiving direction.

“In some scenes. I hit a dead end. As a deaf person, how do you give me direction? On one occasion, I shared my frustration with Angie (Angelina Jolie), at a party the day after shooting. And she, Angelina Jolie, immediately give a suggestion. Why don’t we use a laser pen which is easily erased by special effects? It was a ‘ Wow and Aha’ opportunity . Whenever I looked at the wall, the translator always used the laser pen and made a circle on the wall as a signal for the ‘roll, roll’ motion , roll over’, once the laser is off it means the signal for ‘ Action’,” Lauren’s testimony to The New York Times.


4. Lauren to Eternals, Connie’s storyline in The Walking Dead changes
As is well known, before going to Eternals , Lauren Ridloff played Connie in the film The Walking Dead. Launching Business Insider Australia , Angela Kang, executive producer of The Walking Dead , opened up about Lauren’s inclusion in the film Eternals. He explained that Lauren’s joining Eternals influenced Connie’s storyline in TWD.

Connie’s story at TWD was deliberately set to follow Lauren’s filming schedule for Eternals. Connie is told to disappear and is absent for 6 episodes after rescuing his friend, Magna, who is trapped with him in a cave. At the end of season 10, five minutes before the end, Connie reappeared as the finale in season 10 and made the audience wonder what would happen to Connie next.

Even though he has played in Eternals, Kang will still keep Lauren at TWD. Kang revealed that he would be preparing a big episode for Lauren, citing Business Insider Australia.


5. Lauren Ridloff has two children who are equally deaf disabled
Lauren Ridloff is a great mother figure, even though she is busy, she doesn’t forget the business of her two children. Launching The New York Times, Lauren’s two children are just like her mother, they are also deaf. Conditions like this do not make his son discouraged because he gets a strong example from his mother.

Lauren has also shared memories on Instagram. When she moved to London to stay for six months, she enrolled her children to learn sign language. He was happy because his son could study well and made many friends.

Lauren Ridloff is a very inspirational character for her children as well as people with disabilities. The shortcomings that she has have not stopped her from working and becoming a mother.

This is the figure needed for filmmakers in Indonesia, opening up opportunities for people with disabilities to work in the film industry.


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