ar Beyond Where Prawns Sing a ghostly poster that intrigues the audience

Where The Crawdads Sing – the best seller for two consecutive years The New York Times has officially released the movie poster and trailer, signaling the release date is very near! From the swamp to the screen, what is the new trailer of the movie worth watching?

Far Beyond Where Prawns Sing is the life-long work of female writer Delia Owens. The book was released to readers in August 2018. Immediately, the work became a phenomenon because of its novel and emotional story that easily touched the reader’s heart. For the next two years, the book was on the New York Times bestseller list. To date, the book has nearly reached the milestone of 10 million copies worldwide.

With that success, the work was turned into a movie under the direction of female director Olivia Newman and screenwriter Lucy Alibar (the famous screenwriter who received an Oscar nomination in 2013 with the screenplay adaptation of the film. Beast of the Southern Wild). Accordingly, three actors playing the main characters in the film include Daisy Edgar-Jones (as Kya), Taylor John Smith (as Tate Walker) and Harris Dickson (as Chase Andrews).

The trio of ghostly posters make the audience curious and excited

Recently, the film’s distributor has released three official posters of the film. The female lead Kya’s face is centered but only the third is clearly visible, the rest is blurred and the top half of the face is cut off.

This inadvertently increases the mysterious effect, causing curiosity to the audience, and at the same time emphasizing that in contrast to the very “poetic” title, this is a true psychological-horror work! In addition, Far Beyond Where the Shrimp Sing is a work based on the global bestseller for two years in a row, so it’s a movie that already has a good enough story background, enough attraction. viewers from the very first moment.

Dramatic trailer with background music from Taylor Swift

More than just an excellent work on human psychology. Far Beyond Where Prawns Sing , it also blends detective elements with explosive details. Therefore, the film’s trailer is also full of dramatic details that make the audience stand still.

Right from the first seconds of the trailer, viewers have been dragged into a murder case where the suspect is the heroine Kya – our swamp girl. The person killed here is none other than Chase Andrews – the elite boy of Barkley Cove town and Kya’s lover. The new trailer gradually unravels other parts of the girl’s past . Memories of shame, abandonment, curses, alienation. Even other people thought she hated them because they had a better life. But actually she was the one who was hated for growing up differently.

The trailer ends with the impressive line: “ Every living thing does what it needs to do to survive!” from Kya. Just because she was from the outside world that she was not only isolated but also hunted, people gave her every definition of wildness they could think of. For Kya, stepping out of the swamp and trying to fit in with others makes her realize that the natural area where she lived and grew up is less dangerous than the seemingly bright, warm place.

The trailer also has another explosive element, which is the wonderful music from the talented singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. The song Carolina , which she wrote and performed specifically for the film, conveyed Kya’s feelings in the film completely, making it easier for the audience to blend in and visualize the story in the trailer.

As soon as the posters and trailers are released, Far Beyond Where Prawns Singshowed the audience that the film is converging elements such as: Good script, talented cast, horror elements, psychological detective easily attract viewers. With the above factors, the film promises to become a box office phenomenon this summer, a “must see” work for true movie fans.

By Yas Il