Before Getting A Hot Reaction, The Director Of ‘Semantic Error’ Was Afraid Of The Public’s Reaction To Park Seoham And Jaechan Dongkiz After This Drama Aired.

The drama ” Semantic Error ” has received a huge reaction from the public and was ranked 1st on Watcha some time ago. Director Kim Soo Jung apparently felt afraid about the public’s response to former KNK member Park Seoham and Jaechan Dongkiz for having to appear in an unusual themed drama.

Adapted from a webtoon of the same name, “Semantic Error” is a boys love (BL) drama or a romance between men about Chu Sang Woo (Jaechan) and Jang Jae Yong (Park Seoham). The appearance of Jang Jae Young in Chu Sang Woo’s life was like a mistake in his perfectly organized life.

“Jang Jae Young, at first I thought he was a more passionate, cunning and mischievous character. However, actor Park Seoham has a softer aspect when acting. At first I was confused and wondered, ‘Is this gentleness true?’ but while filming, I was sure that Jae Young was really for Park Seoham,” said Kim Soo Jung.

With local media, director Kim Soo Jung talked about Park Seo Ham and Jaechan’s abilities in an interview. According to him, both actors have their respective advantages that support the quality of the drama.

“Because the narrative is short, I think there must be tenderness to convince Sang Woo of his feelings for Jae Young that were created only in dramas,” he continued.

But every time I edited it, I said ‘Sang Woo thank you very much.’ He acts carefully to the point where it’s too good. I think that’s the biggest advantage as an actor.”

As it turned out, director Kim Soo Jung had a thought that he was worried that Park Seoham and Jaechan would feel embarrassed for appearing in a BL drama. Given that South Korea is still not very open about LGBTQ+ it is likely that this work embarrass the actors with the public response.

However, getting unexpected results like today makes the director thank the two actors. Don’t forget to convey his pride to them.

“I’m very happy that the actors did well in this work. I was happy to introduce actor Park Seoham and Jaechan to the boy group Dongkiz. I thought, ‘I have to make a work that doesn’t embarrass them’, but it got a good response, so I grateful and proud,” concluded Kim Soo Jung.

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