The Entertainment District story arc in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2 reveals the glitter of the nightlife. The Demon Slayer army had to infiltrate three brothels to investigate the demon’s presence in that place. Apart from that, they also had to find three wives of Hashira Suara Tengen Uzui who had not been heard from after going undercover there. It’s not an easy thing to infiltrate a brothel because they only employ women. Meanwhile, the Demon Slayer troops that Tengen brought were all male. They are Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke. Unable to understand, Tengen dressed the three teenagers into women. And, the results are not satisfactory.

The brothel moms initially refused to “buy” them because of their unattractive faces. However, Tengen’s good looks make the mothers powerless to refuse his “merchandise”. Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke also enter a different brothel.

Tengen managed to sell Tanjiro to a Tokito brothel under the name Sumiko. Meanwhile, Inosuke easily enters Ogimoto’s brothel because his mother likes him. However, Tengen struggles to “sell” Zenko aka Zenitsu before being handed over to the Kyogoku brothel. It is not an easy matter for the three boys to live a life in a brothel. However, this did not seem to have happened to Inosuke.

Among the three compatriots, Inosuke is the fastest to adapt to the environment around him. This is certainly interesting because Inosuke is the most impatient of the three people. However, in the Entertainment District, Inosuke is likely to play an important role and become a valuable asset for Tengen.

Citing CBR, Inosuke was raised a wild boar in a remote mountain. So, his wild and uncivilized nature doesn’t seem to fit well with city life. At first, he was so overwhelmed that he bulldozed the crowd furiously. He acts like a caged animal trying to escape until Tengen is forced to hunt him down.


Once they sat in a Wisteria House, he seemed to calm down and focus on Tengen’s plans. However, his skepticism concerns whether Tengen’s wife earned him a single punch in the stomach. Even so, she accepted the task Tengen had given her by disguised as a girl. He also enters Ogimoto’s brothel, where one of Tengen’s wives, Makio, has disappeared.

When they first met, Tanjiro and Zenitsu were surprised by Inosuke’s feminine and beautiful face. But Inosuke’s strange appearance fits very well with Tengen’s plan. Tanjiro and Zenitsu are considered quite ugly when they disguise themselves as girls. However, the people who took Inosuke aka Inoko were very happy with his beautiful face when they removed Tengen’s ugly makeup from his face. The wild Demon Slayer never thought about his appearance. But, he was smart enough to use it now.

Inosuke’s wild behavior and impatience seem to make Inosuke a bad choice for disguise. However, his face turned strange with a horrible expression of not being able to lie. Meanwhile, Zenitsu vows to be the best Oiran to take revenge on Tengen. However, Inosuke quietly moved, obeying Tengen’s advice to remain silent because his voice would break his disguise. He even slowed his pace when he was scolded because the graceful woman didn’t run.

Inosuke’s diligent work allowed him to quickly move to find Makio’s whereabouts. Meanwhile Tanjiro is close to breaking his disguise and Zenitsu hasn’t even started looking yet. Considering Tanjiro’s dedication and Zenitsu’s experience in a more deserving manner, it’s surprising that Inosuke is in the best position to actually find a wife for Tengen. Inosuke usually solves problems with his sword. So, it will have to be seen how long he will keep up his good work before abandoning Tengen’s plans.

Until episode 3 of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2, it is not clear whether Makio is being held in the same brothel where Inosuke is undercover. But, it seemed, Inosuke had found the first trace and it only cost him one night. Perhaps, Inosuke’s dedication to Tengen’s plan happened because he admired that Hashira who was at his level. Tengen has the same habit as Inosuke in making strong statements regarding his abilities and status.

But, it seemed, time was running out for Makio. Meanwhile, the fate of Tengen’s other two wives, namely Suma and Hinatsuru, is not yet known. Inosuke must race against time. The others also did the same to complete the mission before anyone found out that they weren’t actually girls. Moreover, the demon residing in that place, Daki, has already shown his face.

By Ichong