Formula 1 will hold the fourth racing series for the 2022 season in Imola, Italy, on (2022). The race will be titled GP Emilia Romagna.

With Charles Leclerc leading the drivers’ standings, there were rumors that Ferrari would implement a team order . However, Mattia Binotto as Team Principal denied the implementation of this strategy during the race this weekend.

Check out the full review regarding Ferrari’s decision to invite the two drivers to compete closely below, yes!

1. The issue of implementing a team order on the Ferrari squad regarding the position of Leclerc and Sainz in the standings

The issue of implementing a team order by Ferrari at the Emilia Romagna GP related to the distance between Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in the standings. Currently, Leclerc is entrenched on the throne with 71 points.

The racer from Monaco is 38 points ahead of Sainz who occupies the 3rd position. Reflecting on this condition, it is not surprising that the rumors of a team order on the squad bearing the Prancing Horse logo blow hard. Because, there is a possibility that Sainz was asked to give up in order to pave the way for Leclerc to achieve the best results.

2. Mattia Binotto confirms that Ferrari will not apply a team order to the Emilia Romagna GP

Not wanting the issue to become a wild ball, Mattia Binotto clarified. He emphasized that Ferrari would not try to interfere in the potential fight between Leclerc and Sainz at the Emilia Romagna GP.

“It’s still three races that we have completed. There are still 20 races left. So, the championship is still very long.

I enjoy them fighting for good positions. If they can, they fight for first place,” Binotto said .

3. Binotto advice for Carlos Sainz to look more optimal

Furthermore, Binotto gave advice to Carlos Sainz. He hopes that the Spaniard can perform better to achieve maximum results.

4. Binotto says Leclerc has improved in performance compared to previous seasons

Meanwhile, Binotto also highlighted the development of Charles Leclerc’s performance, which is now much better than in previous seasons. In fact, Binotto said Leclerc had undergone a phase of change since his debut in Formula 1.

“He is very focused now and I think he is riding well. I think last year has been an important moment for his development.

If you look at the tire management at the Australian GP it was very good. It’s something he learned. If I compare him to his first season in Formula 1, this is definitely a big change,” Binotto said.

5. Ferrari is at the top of the standings, Binotto doesn’t want to rush to brag

Not only Charles Leclerc who is at the top of the standings, Ferrari is also at the helm of the constructors’ standings. The red livery team is 39 points ahead of Mercedes, which is in second place in the standings.

However, Binotto didn’t want to rush into claiming that they were the best. Moreover, this season’s Formula 1 has only been around for a while; everything is still possible.

“We haven’t mastered the championship yet. It’s only been three races. We are still focused on each race and that’s what I think is the way we will use for the next race,” concluded Binotto.

It will be very interesting to see how Ferrari will perform in the next race at Imola. Will the success of the previous three racing series be repeated?






By Jaya