Chapter 51 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation was finally released on Tuesday (20/10). The release of this chapter at the same time answers the fans’ curiosity about the fate of Naruto . Previously, it was widely reported that Naruto met his death at the hands of Isshiki in this chapter. Is that true? MangaPlus has released chapter 51 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation online. This chapter is a continuation of chapter 50 where Boruto, Sasuke and Naruto work hand in hand to save Konoha from Isshiki’s attack. This enemy proved to have great strength. The ninja had to struggle to deal with it.


Caution: This article contains story spoilers for chapter 51 of the manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. If you haven’t read this chapter and don’t want to know the story, then stop reading this article. You’ve been warned.

Inthis latest chapter , Boruto advances to face Isshiki. He says, Isshiki can’t kill him. The saying is based on the experience when Boruto fought against Boro. Just then, Boro reveals a plan that requires both Boruto and Kawaki.

Sasuke caught Boruto’s words. He knew that the plan involved the God Tree as Amado had once said. Elsewhere, Amado told Shikamaru to plant the God Tree and harvest the chakra fruit. They had to sacrifice an Ohtsutsuki to the 10-Tails. Sumire could guess Isshiki’s plan. He realized that Isshiki wanted to use Boruto to sacrifice to the 10-Tails.

Isshiki was annoyed that Boruto knew his weakness. He then makes fun of Boruto and Team 7. However, Boruto says, he should have underestimated Konohagakure’s genin. Sasuke then asked Isshiki why he needed Kawaki in his plans. According to Isshiki, it made no difference since they weren’t strong enough to stop him.

Boruto then threatens to kill himself and ruins Isshiki’s plans. Sasuke then told Boruto to run because the threat was meaningless. Sasuke was worried that the two of them wouldn’t be able to match Isshiki in that fight.

Sasuke fell down after being hit by Isshiki. As a result, Boruto confronts Isshiki head-on. The villain said he had no intention of killing Boruto. While gripping Boruto’s hand, Isshiki said that everything Boruto said was true. He calls Boruto as Momoshiki’s vehicle and wants to know his power level.

“You will be eaten by the 10 Tails. I let you into this plan. Didn’t you say you were ready to die? This makes it easy,” said Isshiki.

When Isshiki threatens Boruto, Naruto comes and lunges at the villain. Isshiki bounced off and Boruto was free from his grip. However, Naruto’s presence in that place did not make Boruto happy. He asked his father to leave that place. On the other hand, Naruto had found a way to immobilize Isshiki. However, it will have big consequences.

Faced with Isshiki, Naruto unleashed his new form of Kyuubi. This power also gave her a new appearance as if she had combined herself with Kurama. With that new appearance, nine protrusions emerged from his back, like a Kyuubi. His face changed, revealing a black mask.

Previously, Kurama had warned Naruto that this form would require sacrifice. However, Naruto didn’t budge. He emphasized that he was ready with all the consequences of his choice.

“Ever since I decided to become a Hokage. Kurama, I’m ready,” said Naruto.

“You are sure?” asked Kurama.

“Since the day I became Hokage. Yes, I have been prepared for a long time,” replied Naruto.

Quoted from btimesonline, Naruto may not die from that power. However, he could lose some of his strength or be seriously injured. He will probably suffer from a chakra disease as seen in the Sasuke Retsuden spinoff. There is also the possibility that the creators of this manga will create a big problem that fans will see. For example, instead of Naruto, it was Sasuke who would sacrifice himself. Besides, it’s impossible that anything bad will happen to Boruto. Moreover, Isshiki would never let anything bad happen to him.

So, what will happen to Naruto, Boruto and Sasuke next? The three people’s fight against Isshiki will still continue to chapter 52 which is scheduled to be released on November 20. In that chapter, Naruto’s new form seems to be more explored.

By Ichong