After waiting for four years, since the appearance of the last Asterix film (Asterix: The Mansions of The Gods) in 2014. This animated film Asterix tells the story of the retirement plan of the village shaman, Getafix (voiced by Bernard Alane). Getafix, who plans to retire and look for a replacement, makes the entire village feel restless, because only Getafix is ​​the only powerful shaman who guarantees the safety of the village. Only Getafix can make The Magic Potion, a magic potion that can make people who drink it can become a kind of Super Human or a super human so that it cannot be defeated.

Getafix looks for a young shaman to replace him by traveling around the country, accompanied by Asterix (voiced by Christian Clavier), Obelix (dubbed by Guillaume Briat), and almost all the men in his village, only Assurancetourix (voiced by Arnaud Léonard) who is left behind. village with women and children. This is known to Julius Cesar (dubbed by Philippe Morier-Genoud), the main enemy of the Gaul villagers. Julius Cesar immediately asked the Roman troops to invade Gaul. The remaining inhabitants try to save their village by fighting the Roman army using the remaining magic potions. The potion was getting depleted, so it was only a matter of time before the Romans could take control of Gaul. On the other hand, Getafix’s journey to find a replacement has been hindered by his main enemy from a young age, namely Demonix. Demonix intends to replace Getafix and obtain the magic potion recipe.

Did Getafix manage to find a replacement? Did the Gauls manage to save their village from the Roman army? Or did Demonix succeed in carrying out his evil intentions? Watch the full movie in theaters starting in early August 2019. Asterix films; The Secret of The Magic Potion was supposed to be broadcast in December 2018, but finally it was released in Indonesia with a delay of about 8 months later, so it’s a shame if you don’t watch it. As with other Asterix films, you can see the funny behavior of the Gaul villagers. One of the funny things in this film is when Assurancetourix, the singer with a loud voice, has to lead the village. The chaos that is bound to happen will make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

Asterix is ​​a must-watch for comic book fans, but that doesn’t mean viewers who are new to Asterix can’t enjoy this film. Even children can watch this film accompanied by their parents. The animation in this film is very pleasing to the eye, although it looks similar to the comic version, it is quite real.