Without intending to draw conclusions as a whole, it seems that most of us are not responding positively to the news. Although the animated version of this series is communicative with the audience of children, the animation does not have certain story elements or plots. And it seems Hollywood still doesn’t want to miss it. In fact, the studio took advantage of the situation in the absence of a strong story structure in the animation to make the live action creators have a wide reach to create Dora’s story. And one of them is changing the age of Dora who in the animated series is still a child,

Dora (Isabela Moner), whose parents are archaeologists, grew up in a wilderness environment because of the demands of her parents’ work. Not something Dora regretted. Living in the forest never made Dora lonely. Dora often goes around the forest which she considers an adventure with a monkey named Botts who is her only friend in the forest. And until finally Dora’s parents found clues about the site being worked on which required them to leave the forest and could not take Dora with them on their expedition. Having objections, Dora finally agrees to live temporarily with their family in the city.

In the city, Dora lives with her cousin Diego (Jeff Wahlberg) whom she has not seen in a long time. When Dora is adapting to her new environment, which is very different from her situation in the forest, Dora, including 3 other friends, including Diego, is kidnapped by a group of criminals who are after the findings investigated by Dora’s parents. The adventures of Dora and her friends begin, from solving puzzles that give them clues to the site as well as saving themselves from the group of criminals.

Because the animated series is for children, of course, the adult audience has no idea what the live action version will look like. Changing the age of Dora into a teenager may be intended to attract a teenage audience with the name Isabela Moner as the actor Dora who has previously appeared through major films such as the Transformers franchise and the sequel to Sicario. And it turns out that Isabela’s appearance as Dora is unexpectedly quite entertaining. Her very expressive and cheerful appearance really represents the animated version of Dora.

The story is made as light as possible which is the target audience for teenagers and children. So don’t be surprised, adult audiences will be more patient with typical stories that are very cliche. Some parts are quite laughable, such as the scene that is one of the characteristics of Dora the Exploler which invites audience interaction to be included in this live action version. But that’s all, the rest just find a plot that is very predictable.

With a story that is not convoluted but also not special, Dora and the Lost City of Gold may only be entertaining according to the target audience of teenagers and underage. So it is highly recommended if you don’t want to feel bored while watching it, taking your sister or child while watching it is the right choice.