Marvel under the supervision of the noble Kevin Feige, managed to build their universe well and diversely and bring characters that are not too well known and are considered quite difficult to bring to the big screen. Who would have thought that a group of ‘garbage’ creatures who were originally not famous except for hardcore comic readers , actually succeeded in Guardians of the Galaxy , and a heist story done by a person who can shrink can be an interesting and entertaining spectacle? This time they are trying to bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to the wizarding world.

Doctor Strange contains top actors and actresses such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen, Benedict Wong, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Benedict Cumberbatch with his American accent is suitable to be the Sorcerer Supreme , even though it’s not too difficult because it’s similar to Sherlock –even when my first scene was like seeing the first scene of Sherlock season 1 episode 1—.

The story and plot of Doctor Strange is nothing special and is similar to most superhero origin films . This film is also as predictable as Marvel films –or superhero films – in general: the story and the small battles at the beginning will eventually lead to the bigger final battles. But the director, Scott Derickson, has another way that is new (not really new) and fun in the final battle, though not as weird-but-cool.their mothers are both named Martha Star Lord dance off .

The main attraction of this film is the visual effects that are displayed which are new and provide something interesting, especially in the fight scene . This film indulges the visual aspect that is rarely given to superhero films , watching it at IMAX seems to be a pleasant experience (which unfortunately I didn’t feel that way). 2 out of 3 epic fight scenes are worth the IMAX ticket price.

The unusual theme of Doctor Strange ‘s story can make the audience feel strange and not feel that this is a superhero film . A theme that needs to be thought about a little – maybe more confusing than Thor Dark World – makes viewers who don’t pay attention to wondering ‘how can that be?’ or ‘what does that mean’. There are even some jokes that are quite thoughtful among the many lighthearted jokes (with proper execution), so that (it seems) I’m the only one laughing in one cinema room (or my poor sense of humor). “My name… It’s Strange” then his opponent answered “ Maybe. Who am I to judge?” funny? right? Yes, right?

Unfortunately, like other Marvel films, the villain of this film is not memorable and eliminated. Even though Mads Mikkelsen’s appearance is so convincing, it’s a shame it can’t be used. In addition, the character played by Rachel McAdams is also not used properly as the doctor’s love interest . Wasting the talents of amazing actors and actresses.

In addition, as a film that combines west and east (mostly settings in Nepal and Hong Kong) this film lacks eastern nuances. Even the only character with Asian blood is Benedict Wong, who although every appearance is fun, it’s still just a distraction. I don’t think there is any justification for the choice to ‘whiten’ The Ancient One, even though Tilda Swinton is quite good at playing it. The timeline of this film is also confusing, if you look at a charter in this film, the setting is in 2016, but in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2013) Strange’s name is already mentioned. I’m confused.

Although the story is a template , but with a new theme and stunning visual effects make Doctor Strange an interesting addition to the MCU. With the witch’s fury, it seems that it won’t be difficult to get along with other Avengers members. And I hope that ‘Cloak of Levitation’ can win the Oscar for Best Supporting Role!

By Kania