In its 2014 release, Kingsman: The Secret Service surprised audiences and grossed $441 million. Based on the comic book by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, this spy film is brutal and full of humor, the main character is dressed cool and has a cool British accent , and the villain megalomania makes it a complete entertainment. If previously known only as a kicker franchise – previously directed Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class , but did not return for their respective sequels – this time Matthew Vaughn returns to the director’s chair.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle this time still presents cool and somewhat brutal and somewhat comical action, still accentuates the cool appearance and British (and southern US) accent of the players, still features a businessman villain who wants to change the world, but unfortunately this is not all. in a good sense. Director and co-writer Matthew Vaughn plays it safe and does a lot of repetition of the previous film. As a result, there are no surprises as felt when you first watched Kingsman: The Secret Service. Returning the previous film’s characters from the dead is also an example of how safe it is to play in this second film.

The plot of the story this time is far in quality compared to the first. Apart from being easy to guess, there are also many plot holes that are deemed unreasonable and too easy. How could the main character enter the enemy’s area without being detected, not just once but twice! How to defeat the villain’s right hand is also really what, especially the main villain who was easily defeated without a fight, and once again this was also in the first Kingsman.

In addition to the erratic story plot, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is easy to forget/not make good use of the ranks of the players. Introducing new characters with top names like Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, but just passing through. Returns the main character of the previous film from the dead, but the other main characters in the first film just ride through it. Even the introduction of Statesman , the “cousin” of the United States branch of Kingsman, is just a snippet that even if it doesn’t make any difference.

Not only repeating what made the first film good, unfortunately this film also repeats the bad. If the ending of the previous film showed something that felt very sexist , this time it was mentioned again and also added 1 scene that is very, very forced and makes no sense when installing a detector on a woman. It doesn’t make sense because in the previous film there were several detection devices that were unnoticed and simple, after all, even if it had to enter the bloodstream, there were still many more civilized ways.

Although it has many references to old James Bond films and I still like the 10-15 minutes of the opening scene and the beginning of the 3rd act , but unfortunately it’s not enough to help because too many things are repeated and boring.

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By Kania