Finally Indonesia can make a quality web series like this, that’s one of the netizen comments for the Disconnected Kites series .

Yes, the drama Web Series Layangan Putus is currently attracting attention and is a favorite spectacle for film lovers in the country, and has even become a topic of discussion on a number of social media platforms.
The Drama Series Kites Putus tells the story of household conditions that are not sure where the direction is like a broken kite. Almost everyone who watched the drama felt emotional with the story as well as the characters in the series currently airing on WeTV.

The series, played beautifully by Reza Rahadian and Putri Marino, Anya Geraldine and Frederika Cull, has the theme of infidelity. Uniquely, the Disconnected Kites series is based on a true story that went viral in 2019

The story of the Disconnected Kite was originally written by Momi ASF in the form of a serialized story (cerbung) which was posted on Facebook.

The article received a lot of attention and comments from readers. Furthermore, at the end of 2020 the story of Layangan Putus was recorded as a novel which was re-written by Mommy ASF.
In her story and novel Layangan Putusnya, Mommy ASF tells the story of her originally harmonious household suddenly being hit by a third person’s problem. 12 days the husband disappeared and apparently honeymooned in Turkey.

Having a husband who is handsome, pious and hardworking, for 8 years of marriage, Mommy ASF feels that her household life is almost perfect. She feels that she has always been happy and well.

Starting a household and accompanying her husband from zero until his household life is full, Mommy ASF did not think that her husband would betray and secretly marry another woman and only found out 1 year later.
However, there are slight differences and modifications to the story of the Layangan Putus series that aired on WeTV with the original story written by Mommy ASF in the story and in the novel.

Curious about the Disconnected Kites Series , played by Reza Rahadian as Aris, Putri Marino as Kinan, Anya Geraldine as Lydia, and Frederika Cull as Miranda?

The following is a synopsis starting from episode 1 which is planned to air up to 10 episodes.

Episode 1: Harmonious Look Behind Aris’s Lies. The story begins by showing the harmony of Aris and Kinan’s household, at the seven-monthly traditional event of Kinan’s pregnancy.

Kinan and Aris are seen rejoicing in the celebration of Kinan’s seven months of pregnancy. Among the guests, Kinan and Aris’s friends were seen; Dita, Lola, Andre, Irfan, and Alif.

Not long after, a woman, Miranda, arrived, who was one of Aris’ business partners who was also Kinan’s friend, a fellow student at school.

Miranda looks very close and close to Aris, as if she is not only present as a guest but has a special closeness with Aris.

When the event was over, Kinan and Aris finally spent time together.

By Yas Il