Attack on Titan has a number of titans or giants that disrupt the earth. Founding Titan Eren is considered a companion of the Reconnaissance Squad and becomes their gaco when battling other Titans and Marley’s forces. However, the Founding Titan is not the only powerful titan to appear in this series.

At least, there are 9 titans messing around inAttack on Titan. This Titan emerged from the legend of Ymir Fritz. As a child, Ymir came into contact with an unknown creature. The creature allowed him to turn into the first Titan.
The Eldians regard Ymir as a Goddess. His strength is so extraordinary that he cultivates the land, builds bridges and roads. The narrative of a Titan Goddess changes after the collapse of the Eldia Empire. Freed from Eldia’s dominion, the Marleys built a new kingdom, Marley.

According to the Marleys, Ymir made a deal with the Earth Demon in order to obtain his Titan powers. With the Titan’s abilities, Ymir can help Eldia defeat and enslave Marley. The two legends of Ymir Fritz are significantly different, but there is one element of the story that never changes.

After 13 years of mastering the power of Titan, Ymir died. After his death, Ymir’s soul was divided into 9 parts. Those parts make up the 9 Titans, each of which has unique abilities. Who are the 9 Titans? Quoting Game Rant , here’s the review!

1. Founding Titan

The first of the 9 Titans in Attack on Titan was the Founding Titan or Pioneer Titan. This Titan is considered the strongest, controlling Titan. One of the holders of this Titan is Karl Fritz. He used this power to build three walls protecting the humans on Paradis Island.

By using millions of his subjects as Titans, Karl creates Titan walls that are ready to level the earth if needed. If that wasn’t enough, the Founding Titan could also change the memories of Ymir’s descendants. This gave Karl the power to clear the memories of all the Eldia within the walls. This power can be used in both Titan and human forms. This makes this Titan extraordinary.

The problem with the Founding Titan was that only those with royal blood—the Fritz/Reiss family—could use its power. If anyone outside the family were to inherit the Founding Titan, then he was only in contact with people of noble blood. This was seen when Eren Jaeger unwittingly used the power of the Founding Titan with the Pure Titan Dina Fritz. After hitting Dina’s hand, Eren ordered the Titans around them to prey on her body.

2. Colossal Titan and Armored Titan

The new heirs to this Titan are Bertholdt Hoover—the Colossal Titan—and Reuner Braun—the Armored Titan. Both are Marley soldiers who want to seize the Founding Titan and destroy those within the walls. Regarding the abilities of these two Titans, both Bertholdt and Reiner used their full potential.

Bertholdt has mastered the ability to quickly transform by using a lot of the steam that the Colossal Titan produces. On several occasions, Bertholdt uses the steam from his Titan to distract soldiers or throw them into walls. The most important thing is the size of the Colossal Titan. Towering above the walls, the Colossal Titan had the power to underestimate almost any Titan.

On the other hand, the Armored Titan was covered in plate armor. This allowed Reiner to break through the gates of Maria’s wall. With that powerful armor plate, it was almost impossible to penetrate the armored Titan’s skin. Any exposed locations can be covered with hardening capabilities. Despite being like the Colossal Titan, the Armored Titan couldn’t move fast because of the plates on its body. Even so, Reiner was able to survive against the Titan Attacking Eren.

3. Cart Titan and Jaw Titan

These two Titans may not be comparable in strength to the others. However, its speed and durability are unmatched. Cart Titan aka Titan Train is a four-legged Titan that allows its body to transport supplies and has high speed. This speed is exhibited by the Pieck Train Titan when he saves Zeke from Levi. In addition, Titan Cart owners can stay in their Titan form for a long time. Pieck was in his Titan form for two months. This resulted in Pieck walking on both legs and arms. He also needs crutches to walk.

The one with the same speed is the Jaw Titan or the Jaw Titan, the smallest of the 9 Titans. Jaw Titan has incredible speed and agility. Locations such as forests and cities are the best places for the Jaw Titan to battle and show his mobility. The Jaw Titan’s main ability is their incredible bite. Ymir used it to bite the Pure Titan’s nape more than once.

4. War Hammer Titan dan Female Titan

The War Hammer Titan has belonged to the Tybur family since King Fritz left the Eldia Empire. Since then, this Titan had been used to help the Marley Empire. This Titan is unique in its ability to use hardening to make weapons or shoot hard spikes from the ground. This Titan can also be recognized remotely. By using a cable connected to the body in the user’s crystal, this Titan can operate without the user on the neck.

Female Titan or Titan Female also has a strange ability. Like the Founding Titan, the Female Titan can drag Titans to her location, but she doesn’t control them. When they arrive, the Pure Titan will eat the Female Titan’s body. Annie Leonhart uses this technique to escape the scouts. The Female Titan can also harden different parts of her body, allowing her to perform strategic attacks or protect the nape of the neck.

5. Beast Titan and Attack Titan

The Beast Titan approaches the power of the Founding Titan to control and create a new titan. Zeke Jaeger, the current holder of the Beast Titan, does so throughout the series. This Beast Titan Zeke also exhibits hardening and powerful throws. Something Zeke used when attacking troops was a boulder that was scattered all over the place.

With such power in Beast Titan and the others, one can assume that Attack Titan is also strong. In fact, Attack Titan doesn’t have any special abilities like the others. Something fans see in all of the Attack Titan heirs is their drive to fight and never give up. Maybe the Attack Titan’s abilities weren’t physical, but mental. Like Eren’s push to escape the wall, the Attack Titan refuses to give in.

By Ichong