Several Korean Actresses Started Their Careers In The Entertainment World As Models. However, Once They Got Roles In Korean Dramas, They Managed To Act Well And Stole The Public’s Attention. Who Are They?

There are many ways for an actress to make her acting debut in the entertainment world. There are those who from the beginning became special trainees for acting and then got extra roles, were given the opportunity to cast because they were top idols, and some even chose to debut as a model and then spread their wings to the world of acting.

Among all that, the actress who started her career as a model has caught the public’s attention. Not only because of their charming and elegant visuals, the actresses are able to show their prowess in acting. They ended up being better known as actresses than models because of their skill in character development.

Deciding to switch professions from model to actress, here are a series of names of Korean celebrities who have managed to steal the public’s attention for their acting skills.

1. Shin Min A
This beautiful actress dimpled began his career as a model for teen Kiki magazine in 1998 and became a star several times the MV of boygroup G.OD . Three years later, Shin Min A made her acting debut as an extra in the drama ” Beautiful Days “.

The lover of actor Kim Woo Bin got his first leading role in the film ” Volcano High ” and the drama ” A Love to Kill “. Shin Min A just finished her acting project in ” Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha “.

2. Han So Hee
The owner of the real name Lee So Hee started her career as a model for SHINee’s MV “Tell Me What To Do” in 2017. Han So Hee then spread her wings by acting as a supporting actor in the drama ” Reunited Worlds “.

This 1994-born actress began to get an important role in the drama ” 100 Days My Prince ” and stole the public’s attention for her acting character in ” The World of the Married “. In 2021, Han So Hee acted in ” Nevertheless ” and ” My Name “.

3. Jung Ho Yeon
The lover of Lee Dong Hwi has been working as a freelance model since 2010. Jung Ho Yeon participated in the second season of Korea’s Next Model, but only made it to the top 30. The Cancer model decided to pursue her modeling career overseas in 2016 and accidentally dyed her hair red before flying to New York.

Since then, her fiery red hair has become her trademark and successfully debuted as a runway model in September 2016. Jung Ho Yeon became the Korean actress with the most followers due to her acting debut as Kang Sae Byeok in ” Squid Game “.

4. Bae Doona
Bae Doo Na is a clothing model after passing a street audition in 1998. A year after that, she started her acting career in the drama ” School ” and won the New Actress award in the 1999 KBS Drama.

This 1979-born model is called an actress with an extraordinary acting spectrum because of the many characters and genres she plays. Entering the year 2010, Bae Doo Na spread her acting wings in Hollywood. Bae Doo Na is also the first Korean celeb to be featured in Louis Vuitton’s global campaign.

5. Lee Sung Kyung
Nam Joo Hyuk ‘s ex-girlfriend won the 11th place as well as the Lex Prize award at the Super Model Contest in 2018. The following year, Lee Sung Kyung participated in the Asia Pacific International Super Model competition and ended in fifth place.

In 2014, Lee Sung Kyung joined YGK+ and made his acting debut as an extra in the drama ” It’s Okay, It’s Love “. The singer who is good at singing landed the lead role in ” Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo ” and is busy preparing for her acting comeback in ” Shooting Star “.

6. Esom
In 2018, the owner of the real name Lee So Young made her model debut through the survival show ” Check It Girl ” and after that became a brand ambassador for a number of products. Esom started his acting career in 2010 as the lead in the film ” Second Half “.

Esom gained public attention thanks to her acting in the movie ” Scarlet Innocence ” and swept 5 Best New Actress trophies at 5 award shows . Esom was also appreciated for his cool acting with Lee Je Hoon in the drama ” Taxi Driver “.

7. Han Ji Hyun
This rookie actress immediately stole the attention for her role as Joo Seok Kyung in ” The Penthouse: War of Life “. Before deciding to act, Han Ji Hyun was a model since she was in school.

Her busy life in the modeling world is what inspired her twin sister to jump into the world. In 2017, Han Ji Hyun officially joined SBD Entertainment and made her acting debut in the web drama ” Soul Driver “.

By Fuzy