Morbius will premiere April 1 and attract Marvel Cinematic Universe fans with various theories and leaks, but this film has received criticism on various aspects.

The 2022 Marvel Cinematic Universe film Morbius , starring Jared Leto as Morbius , is a puzzler where he tries to cure a disease but his science experiments fail.

Morbius is a feature film addition to the MCU ‘s Spider-Verse , thanks to the 2021 box-office hit, Spiderman: No Way Home. The film reaped poor reviews from film critics .

Dr. Michael Morbius ( Jared Leto ), a character in the Columbia Pictures MCU film , the semi-horror genre Morbius , is a living vampire. This film has been shown in London, so we summarize 8 points of criticism.

The leak of the film Morbius 2022, which has a Marvel vampire review plot but received bad criticism from film critics , here are 8 points, read more.

Misleading Marketing

The film, which leads Jared Leto as doctor Michael Morbius , accidentally turns himself into a vampire after trying to cure his rare blood disease.

This character is initially recognized as one of Spidey’s many foes, but don’t expect to see a red and blue Spiderman here.

Marketing for this film is ethically questionable. Sony threw spoilers at every Live-action Spiderman, but most of those spoilers didn’t make it into the film .

For example there is no Tobey Maguire graffiti or Oscorp buildings like Morbius marketing predicts .

The spoiler that appears in the movie is Tom Hardy’s Venom, but that doesn’t make any logical sense,.

It’s pretty clear that the studio wanted to include all of those towing effects in the trailer to lure viewers into the cinema, and not because they would all go into the film ‘s story.

An Unforgettable Story

As for the film itself, the story moves quickly. Narrative is like the wind at every plot point, never giving enough time for the audience to dive into.

Many of the characters’ motives and relationships are short-lived because of this, which causes the characters to make unreasonable choices.

Watching a movie almost feels like sitting in a fog, nothing memorable. The story told is like the usual movement, but nothing memorable at all.

The Heroic Vampire Morbius

Jared Leto as the main character acted quite well in his role. There’s nothing really bad about her looks, but nothing out of the ordinary either.

While the character comes from evil origins in the comics, there’s nothing sinister about Michael Morbius here.

Sure, maybe because the film highlights questionable science horror, but he’s definitely not a bad guy, which makes it even harder to see him as Spiderman’s nemesis.

Comparing the Morbius film with what was done with Tom Hardy’s Venom character, a symbiote, Morbius is actually described as the hero of the story.

The audience still retains quite a bit of its evil roots, keeping it strong in that anti-hero category.

By Arkha