After his express passage on the Croisette, the American actor flew to London, where the Duchess and the Duke of Cambridge were waiting for him.

The trio attended an official screening of the “Top Gun” sequel on Thursday.

A royal reunion for the star, who helped kick off Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee festivities just days earlier.

He no longer leaves the British royal family. Four days after leaving, Tom Cruise was back in London, this Thursday, May 19, for the new stage of his promotional marathon for Top Gun: Maverick . The American actor took his tuxedo and bow tie out of the closet for the premiere of the film, which was attended by Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton. The trio met in Leicester Square, a square in central London, which had been transformed into a giant red carpet for the occasion.

Her tribute to the Queen on Sunday

Tom Cruise made the presentations with the film crew, still dazzled by the Cannes screening. On the steps, it was the appearance of the Patrouille de France that caused a sensation . In London, it was a gesture from the Hollywood star that caught the eye. Very gentlemanly, the 59-year-old actor helped Kate Middleton climb the few steps of the red carpet by holding her hand. The footage only lasted a few seconds but was photographed from all angles, quickly going viral on social media.

Without plane or helicopter, Tom Cruise had opted for sobriety, a few days earlier, to meet the matriarch of Windsor. He was, this Sunday, one of the participants in the show “A gallop for History” , which paid tribute to the 70 years of reign of Elizabeth II. “She is a woman whom I admire enormously. She has incredible dignity. I admire her dedication. What she has accomplished is historic (…). I have a lot of respect for her ,” he said . of the Queen of England, on television.

In love with the United Kingdom, where he loves to shoot, Tom Cruise settles there regularly. It was also in a London cinema that he went masked, in the summer of 2020, to celebrate the reopening of theaters. He had attended a session of Tenet , by Christopher Nolan, incognito , to encourage viewers to return to watch the films on the big screen.

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