On August 4, 2020, Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young were confirmed to be acting together through the latest film, Concrete Utopia. This film is a new project from director and writer Uhm Tae Hwa, the figure behind the success of the film Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned (2016).

With three veteran and well-known South Korean artists, this film seems to be a must on your watch list , you know. While waiting for its release, first consider the following facts about the Concrete Utopia film .


1. Concrete Utopia is a film that carries the thriller and sci-fi genres
Concrete Utopia is the latest thriller film that will tell the story of the survivors, after a great earthquake destroys the city.

The film will follow a story that begins when survivors gather at the Hwang Goong Apartment, the only building still standing in Seoul, after the great disaster occurred.

Carrying the thriller, sci-fi genre , Concrete Utopia must be anticipated for screening for those of you who like this type of film.

2. Lee Byung Hun is the male lead
Lee Byung Hun is one of the veteran South Korean actors who was partnered to play the main player. Already poor across the world of South Korean entertainment, of course, the latest acting project from this one actor is always anticipated by many people.

Lee Byung Hun himself last made a cameo in the hit drama, Squid Game (2021). For the big screen, the actor who was born on July 12, 1970, last appeared in the film The Man Standing Next, which aired in 2020 yesterday.

Confirmed to have received the offer for the film Concrete Utopia, Byung Hun will play Young Tak, a temporary leader at the Hwang Goong Apartment.


3. Park Seo Joon accompanies Lee Byung Hun as the male lead
Collaborating with one of South Korea’s famous actors, Park Seo Joon, made the Concrete Utopia film more awaited by the public. Having only been in the acting world for about 10 years, the fact is that this 32-year-old actor has proven that his popularity cannot be doubted.

His name is also increasingly famous in the international arena since starring in the drama that exploded on the market, namely Itaewon Class (2020). Confirmed to be in the main lineup with Lee Byung Hun, Seo Joon will be playing Min Sung, a civil servant who is chosen to help Young Tak (Lee Byung Hun) deal with the crisis.

4. Park Bo Young was invited to be the female lead
Her existence in the South Korean entertainment world is loved by the public, Park Bo Young herself is a famous actress who made her acting debut in 2006. Her acting always reaps a lot of praise, the actress who refuses to grow old at the age of 31 is confirmed to be the female lead in this sci-fi thriller .

The last time he gave his best acting through the drama Doom at Your Service (2021), Park Bo Young will return to acting on the big screen by playing Myung Hwa, a former nurse and wife of Park Seo Joon’s character.


5. Talented young actress Park Ji Hoo was invited to get involved
Park Ji Hoo is a 2003-born actress who is trusted to compete acting with Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young in the film. Even though he is only 17 years old, Park Ji Hoo’s acting skills have been recognized for his skills.

More often playing on the big screen, his figure has also been increasingly recognized since he starred in the film House of Hummingbird (2019), have you watched it?. In this new film, Concrete Utopia, Park Ji Hoo will play a high school student who survived the earthquake named Hyewon.

Starring veteran artists and teaming up with one of the most talented young stars, it’s no wonder that Concrete Utopia is among the films that are anticipated to premiere. This one film is known to have started filming last April, and Park Bo Young himself is reported to have finished filming.

Even so, the production has not divulged when the film will be released. Please patiently wait, yes!

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