PLUSONICA (covers) is an acoustic music unit from Japan. Formed in 2016. This unit is active in making covers of songs from various singers on YouTube. Usually the songs that are displayed are the latest songs and those that are currently popular. The songs are always sung in acoustic form, sung together with many predetermined members and performed with various acoustic musical instruments such as piano, guitar, tambourine, melodic, and others.

On August 25, 2016, a music YouTube Channel from Japan was opened. On the following day, the activity started with members consisting of students of the new artist training course AFTER SCHOOL sponsored by Sony Music and based in Tokyo. The first video to be posted was a cover of Natsu Matsuri (covers) by the band Whiteberry.

After that, this unit actively makes song cover videos that are posted every Tuesday and Friday at 18:00. Since all the members are singer-songwriters, all of them serve as vocals and it is characteristic of this unit to display unique performances using various musical instruments. Apart from being active on YouTube, this unit also carries out live activities at street events and at home.

In addition to cover videos of popular songs, PLUSONICA also makes other videos such as talk sessions, exchanges between members, and interviews with the members.

Besides being active in Tokyo, PLUSONICA also carries out activities in other cities such as PLUSONICA -NAGOYA- which started activities on August 12 2017, PLUSONICA -OSAKA- on January 17, 2020, PLUSONICA -SAPPORO- on May 11, 2021, and PLUSONICA -FUKUOKA- on 25 January 2022.

Currently there are 22 members. The activity started on August 26, 2016.

Tetsuto – Keyboard, vokal
Natsumi – Gitar, vokal
Motomatsu Miku – Gitar, vokal
Saki – Gitar, vokal
Nishiyama Kousei – Gitar, bass, vokal
Kodama Hikari – Keyboard, klarinet, vokal
Kubo Kotone – Gitar, vokal
Mizutani Rei – Gitar, bass, vokal
Narita Ayori – Gitar, bass, vokal
Miki Maria – Gitar, vokal
Emihono – Gitar, bass, vokal
Miki – Gitar, vokal
mass – Vowel
Moon – Vocal
Haruka – Gitar, vokal
Kayamoto Teno – Gitar, vokal
Kantaro – Vokal
Akimoto Aki – Vokal
I (爽) – Vocal
Kishibe Saaya – Vokal
Kechako (ke chi ~ya ko) – Vocal
Currently there are 10 members. The activity started on August 12, 2017.

Nishihama Takuma – Gitar, bass, vokal
Yamashita Kanon – Perkusi, vokal
Lana – Guitar, vocals
Hinata – Gitar, vokal
Ryoko – Gitar, vokal
Mana – Vocal
OTO – Vokal
Maeda Emiri – Vokal
Kominato Miho – Vokal
Currently there are 9 members. The activity starts on January 17, 2020.

Omatsu Oto – Gitar, bass, vokal
Peng Peng – Piano, Gitar, vokal
Rena – Piano, vokal
Arisa – Bass, Gitar, vokal
Haoto – Piano, vokal
Yuika – Tamborin, vokal
Kotaro – Piano, Gitar, vokal
TokkoNonka – Vokal
Kyoka – Piano, vokal
Currently there are 5 members. Activities start on May 11, 2021.

Sae Ueno – Gitar, vokal
Unsyumikan – Bass, gitar, vokal
Tothi – Gitar, vokal
Nanaki – Piano, vokal
tomoya narita – bass, guitar, vocal
Currently there are 7 members. Activities begin on January 25, 2022.

Aoi (Blue Sea) – Vokal
Ibuki – Vokal
Siokosyo – Vokal
Shohi – Vokal
Sumihane – Vokal
Moe – Vokal

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By Jaya