The Ms Marvel series has entered its second episode and shows how Kamala Khan is acting as a superhero for the first time in public.

During the second episode, Kamala seemed to really admire a young man named Kamran. Even Kamran catches everyone’s attention at Kamala’s school.

At the end of the second episode, when Kamala is in a difficult position because of being chased by DODC, Kamran appears to save her by using a car. Even though it turns out that in the car there is Kamran’s mother.

But who is Kamran? Then what is the relationship between Kamran and Kamala in the comics?

Based on the official Marvel website, just like the comic version of Kamala, Kamran is an Inhuman who has bioluminescence and biokinetic abilities.

That is, Kamran can emit light from his body. This ability he got after going through the Terregenesis process, like Kamala when he got his power.

When he returned to his hometown of Jersey City, Kamran was packing his things in his room. That’s when the terrigen mist entered his room through the window and turned him into a cocoon.

When he emerges from the cocoon, he has Inhuman abilities. He is able to emit and store radiant energy.

He uses this energy as a shock or transfers it to an object, causing the object to glow or explode.

Initially, Kamran was an ally or friend of Kamala Khan. They have the same interests as their favorite Bollywood movie.

Kamran had deliberately approached Kamala because he had a mission to recruit Kamala Khan. One way is to approach Kamala and her family.

While visiting Kamala’s house, Kamran invites Kamala to go see their favorite remastered DVD movie. But Kamala’s father Yusuf did not approve of the idea.

Kamala then gave an option if her brother Aamir could accompany them while they were away. While on the way to view the DVD, a villain named Kaboom came and attacked.

Kamala immediately went to the alley and turned into Ms. Marvel. He then beats Kaboom, even to the point of having to leave on a stretcher.

After defeating Kaboom, Kamala immediately rushed to change costumes and returned to meet Aamir and Kamran. Later, Kamran asked Aamir’s permission to have a private talk with Kamala.

During the conversation, Kamran said that he saw Kamala changing. Kamala then looks for an excuse to cover up. But Kamran explained that he also changed when he was hit by the terrigen mist.

But before he had time to explain much, Aamir cut off the conversation and said it was not good for the opposite sex to talk for too long. Kamala and Aamir went home.

Suddenly Kamran appears at Kamala’s window and asks her out. Although he had doubts, Kamala finally agreed to sneak out. Kamran takes Kamala to the top of the water tower.

There, Kamran shows his power to Kamala, his body glows and transfers his biokinetic energy into an old pen and throws it in the air. The pen then exploded.

The next day Kamran offers Kamala a ride to school. It turns out that Kamran has other plans, Kamran doesn’t take Kamala to school.

Kamran said he wanted to invite Kamala to meet someone important to him. Kamran assures Kamala, that they are better than humans.

Hearing this, Kamala backed away but Kamran then hit Kamala and knocked her unconscious.

Kamran then took Kamala to “New Attilan” to meet with Lineage. Kamran imprisons Kamala, but Kamala manages to send a message to Bruno and escapes.

By Yas Il