Kwon Mina, A Former AOA Member, Shared Her Video With Her Lover. In The Video, They Seem To Be Doing Simple But Quite Sweet Activities.

Kwon Mina recently announced that she has a new boyfriend . His girlfriend was someone he had known for four years even though they had only been dating for the past few months.

On Saturday (27/11), the former AOA personnel showed off her lover’s face through a video post on Instagram. The video shows a sweet moment when Kwon Mina dries her lover’s hair at a barbershop.

Go Public, Kwon Mina Pamerkan Momen Manis Bareng Pacar Baru Lewat Postingan Ini

Even though he was wearing a mask, people could feel Kwon Mina’s sincere affection for his girlfriend. Because he seems to show a pretty bright expression in the video.

On the other hand, Kwon Mina’s boyfriend seemed to capture the moment with his cellphone camera. Like Kwon Mina, she also seemed to enjoy the sweet and simple date.

While in the caption section, Kwon Mina wrote, “My boyfriend said he wanted to cut his hair in a new place. I got permission to dry his hair.”

Previously, Kwon Mina was involved in a series of controversies involving AOA and her ex-lover. After admitting to being a victim of bullying in her group, Mina got a lot of sympathy from the public. However, public opinion turned around after his bad attitude towards the staff and his lies about Jimin were exposed.

In addition, Mina was also briefly involved in an affair scandal after uploading her photo with her ex. After the photo was revealed, a netizen claimed that Mina had stolen her friend’s boyfriend. In the end, Mina broke up with the man and became friends with her current boyfriend.

Mina Ex AOA Announces Having a New Girlfriend, Here are the Full Details

Mina Ex AOA Announces Having A New Girlfriend, Here Are The Full Details

During A Recent Interview, Mina Ex-AOA Announced That She Had A New Boyfriend. Check Out The Full Story In The News Below.

After being involved in a series of controversies involving AOA and her ex-boyfriend, Kwon Mina announced that she now has a new boyfriend. He said this during an interview with Hankook Ilbo .

Mina revealed, “I have a boyfriend now. I’ve known him for four years and are friends. It’s only been a few months since we became lovers. He has the same personality as me.”

Mina then explained her reason for revealing this. He said, “I don’t want to hide the fact that I’m dating. I also don’t think that dating in public is not a bad thing.”

The 28-year-old woman even revealed her lover’s profession. “My current boyfriend is a menswear designer,” said Mina. “I gave her a lot of advice as she prepared to expand into womenswear design.”

“He said that my design idea was special and unique, ‘This is a futile idea. Why don’t you design it yourself (rather than recommending it to others)?’ I have dreamed of starting a fashion business for a long time,” she said.

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