In The Latest Episode Of ‘Red Sky’, Prince Yangmyung (Gong Myung) Was Forced To Injure Ha Ram (Ahn Hyo Seop) To Save The Life Of Hong Chun Gi (Kim Yoo Jung) At The Demon Sealing Ceremony.

In episode 13 of ” Red Sky ” which aired on Monday (18/10), the upheaval of the story became even more intense. After experiencing many terrible things, Hong Chun Gi ( Kim Yoo Jung ) must again be saved from Ha Ram ( Ahn Hyo Seop ) who is possessed by the Demon King.

The kingdom had to perform the sealing ceremony for the Demon Lord residing in Ha Ram’s body immediately before another calamity came to sweep everyone away. For that, a lot of preparations were made, including Hong Chun Gi must immediately complete the portrait of the king. It is known that the Demon Lord who had cursed Hong Chun Gi was born blind and his father lost his sanity.

Before the sealing ceremony begins, Prince Yangmyung ( Gong Myung ) apologizes for the incident 19 years ago where Ha Ram was sacrificed to summon rain until she lost her sight. To that request, Ha Ram responded, “I’m not proud of that apology, Prince Yamyung.”

As the sealing ceremony went awry, Hong Chun Gi asked the Demon Lord’s Ha Ram to calm down. But he grew stronger with Hong Chun Gi there and continued to approach the painter and was about to harm him while asking for his sight to be restored.

Almost injuring Hong Chun Gi, Ha Ram was apparently successfully stopped. From behind his back, Prince Yamyung stabbed his body to protect Hong Chun Gi who they both loved. “Get your hands out now, Demon Lord,” said Prince Yamyung as he stuck his knife.

The ending scene of episode 13 apparently invited mixed reactions from viewers. Some of the audience felt annoyed because the exciting scene had to be continued into the next episode. In addition, there are also those who are annoyed with Prince Yangmyung’s actions.

“Eh, si myeong is playing with a stick, ah, I’m so annoyed,” commented one of the viewers. “Well, how come it was Prince Yangmyung who stabbed him,” continued another viewer. “Ajoooorrr wes …. disbanded, tomorrow again ..,” added another viewer.

Meanwhile, episode 13 of “Red Sky” apparently showed a rating increase of 8.8 percent and became the flagship drama in its time slot. This drama can be watched every Monday and Tuesday at 22.00 local time.

Representing The Viewers, Gong Myung Admits He’s Curious About The Ending Of ‘Red Sky’

During An Interview Recently, Gong Myung Also Talked About The SBS Drama ‘Red Sky’. What Is The Full Description Of The 1994-Born Actor?

Recently, Gong Myung had an interview and photo shoot with GQ Korea magazine . On this occasion, Gong Myung also talked about the drama ” Red Sky ” he is currently starring in.

As is known, in this drama Gong Myung plays the free-spirited Prince Yangmyung. Despite his status as a prince, he had no ambition for power. He also easily sympathizes with others who are weaker than him.

First of all, Gong Myung confessed that he was curious about the ending of “Red Sky”. “I wonder how the director will finish it. You know, one of the reasons I chose this drama was because of director Jang Tae Yo,” he said.

Gong Myung then revealed his tendency to empathize with others. When asked if that could be a good quality for an actor to have, Gong Myung immediately agreed.

Because that way, he can explore his role more easily. I was also able to express my character more honestly,” said Gong Myung.

However, Gong Myung also finds it difficult to change roles when he really feels it. Immersing myself into a role then exiting that role to immerse myself into another role was like training. I thought I had trained myself after getting a lot of cuts and bruises along the way,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, in the previous episode of “Red Sky”, Prince Yangmyeong has been appointed by the king to replace the Crown Prince who is now lying sick. But this triggers the jealousy of his brother, Prince Juhyang ( Kwak Si Yang ).

That’s why Prince Juhyang began to perform a number of devious actions in order to ascend the throne. He even wants to take over the demon that is inside Ha Ram ( Ahn Hyo Seop )’ s body .

This drama itself only leaves four final episodes and will end on October 26. For those of you who are curious about the ending like Gong Myung, don’t miss every episode, okay?

By Fuzy