Gundala Review, Opener for Bumilangit with a Solid Story!

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Gundala has just aired in several cinemas in Indonesia. For those of you who have watched it, you know how Joko Anwar’s film ended. But for those of you who haven’t watched it or don’t have a reason to watch it, I hope this Gundala Review from Dafunda Movies can give you an idea.

But before you start reading the Gundala Review, first read the background of the Gundala film and how this film will open the Bumilangit Universe in the following articles:

If you already know the basics of this film, Dafunda Movies will start a Gundala review for you. Let’s discuss together!

For those of you who haven’t watched it, don’t worry. Because the Gundala Film Review this time is clean of spoilers, Dafunda Movies will provide a review with Gundala Spoiler 1 week after the film is aired. We do this to save time for those of you who haven’t watched it yet.

Gundala Storyline: Excellent Showcasing for Bumilangit Universe

One of the most important factors in the success of a film in general is the execution of the story. It could be that a good script cannot be implemented properly in the film. There is also that from the beginning the story script can not be expected at all.

What is clear, the storyline is one of the important elements in the film. Because of its importance, a film that has good CGI effects and AAA-class actors ends up being a disaster (like Transformer 5: The Last Knight ).

However, this did not happen with Gundala, Joko Anwar was successful in creating the Bumilangit Universe and executing it quite well.

Gundala provides an excellent introduction and character development at the start of the film!

There hasn’t been a superhero movie (in this case, a hero) that has this good character recognition method, you can agree with me or not. But Joko Anwar managed to give a very distinctive taste to the character of Sancaka, especially the little Sancaka.

We can see how little Sancaka struggles against a cruel world and survives various obstacles. The pain he felt was so intense and for some reason the set of place and time had an impact on his life until he was an adult. These things are very influential in the development of Sancaka’s character in this film.

Sancaka’s journey in acquiring and training his strength is a rather shallow but most interesting part of the Gundala film.
After the first part of Sancaka ‘s childhood was over, Joko Anwar seemed confused about how Sancaka got his strength and trained him. But this is actually very well covered by his very fresh humor. This film can convey its dark comedy very well, not too dark but really tickling. I can’t forget how almost the entire theater continues to laugh at many of the scenes in this chapter.

What about the villain? The main enemy in Gundala is Pengkor, a big mafia who can control the politics of the whole country. The political element that is told around the character of Pengkor does feel boring, but quite a lot of messages are conveyed as a protest against the current condition of society. Then what about Pengkor? His actor playing the club, Bront Palarae did his job very well.

Unfortunately, the love story of Sancaka and Sedhah (Tara Basro) was left hanging as humor for a moment, drowned by political problems in the film. Perhaps the continuation of this section will be clarified in the next Bumilangit Universe film, where Sedhah will also become a superhero named Merpati.

Full of Easter Eggs For Other Heroes

The film is also filled with Easter Eggs for other Heroes in the Bumilangit Universe, the foremost of which are the Godam and Merpati characters. Joko Anwar inserts these characters very well so it doesn’t feel so awkward and seems forced.

Very predictable plot twist
This film provides a plot twist, but Dafunda Movies can not give spoilers for now. What is clear, the plot twist that is presented can indeed be detected from the start.

Maybe this is because I have often watched Plot Twist movies, so I can already guess how the plot will land.

Gundala Graphics: Minimized and focused use of CGI with better practical effects

For CGI issues, Gundala is only able to provide mediocre visual effects, you could even say that the quality is a bit lacking. But Joko Anwar seems to know about it and still relies on practical effects as his main weapon. And the use of CGI is very little so that it does not interfere with the audience’s experience in enjoying this film.

Therefore, Gundala is arguably very different from other superhero films. This film does not overuse the use of CGI like most superhero films. Computer graphics effects are only used when this is no longer possible while still relying on real-world set locations and other critical components.

Movie Locations Feel more real

Who doesn’t know Avengers: End Game? The film from the Marvel Superhero Association managed to score a box office with extraordinary numbers. Amazing Visual Effects, well known characters, cover of 20 marvel movies.

Indeed, despite the success of the End Game film, it still has many shortcomings. One of them is a location that doesn’t feel real (indeed, because most locations are made with CGI).

But this does not happen in the film Gundala. They made this film with 1800 people and 70 locations. Very different from End Game which is mostly made in a studio with Green Scene.

Cinematographer Ala Zack Snyder with a Touch of Joko Anwar
Joko Anwar is a fan of Zack Snyder, a seasoned director who has worked in the film world, he is also the brain behind 300, The Watchmen, and Justice League (even though the Justice League was eventually taken over by Joss Whedon).

While watching and making this review of Gundala , I felt the great influence of Zack Snyder in this film directed by Joko Anwar. With a dark theme and a yellowish LUT, Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLean, Snap Zoom, even a storyboard that feels like most Snyder films.

But that doesn’t mean Joko Anwar doesn’t have his own vision in making films. He also has his own unique style in directing films and has succeeded in making Gundala’s cinematography an international class.

Gundala Characters: Actors played their roles very well

Now we enter the Gundala character part, and the actors really get into the role and do their job well. Supported by a solid script and capable actors, we can see how the characters in this film live.

Gundala through Muzakki Ramdhan as a little Sancaka has succeeded in showing how chaos is made by adults in the eyes of small children. Meanwhile, Abimana Aryasatya as Sancaka/Gundala is very good at conveying humor throughout his development as a superhero with the other actors involved, and how he re-discovers humanity in adult life.

Sancaka’s character is awkward but executed well

Once again I want to appreciate the early part of the Gundala film, which is when Sancaka was still a child. I was amazed by how Muzakki played little Sancaka so well.

However, things are different with the second part, which features the character Sancaka, played by Abimana Aryasaty. But don’t get me wrong, Abimana plays Sancaka/Gundala very well. It’s just that the plot of the times where he gets the power feels so bland that it makes the character less interesting. But as I said earlier, this is the part that makes the audience laugh the most because of the humour.

But only in that part Gundala feels more like a comedy film than a superhero film. This film is back uphill at the end with a variety of cool actions, especially the choreography.

Too Many Characters
Here another problem arises and I think the problem has become common in Superhero films. Especially for films that have a lot of characters, like Gundala. We haven’t had time to recognize a character yet, quickly a new character is introduced.

So there are a lot of important characters who don’t get much time to dig deep before bringing in the other characters.

Why do I say this is normal? short duration is a problem. So I don’t really blame Joko Anwar for not being able to present the back story of each character well.

It seems that in the first film of the Bumilangit Universe, Joko Anwar is really trying to give a teaser that shows the many characters that exist in the entire universe, by sacrificing the portion of the story that exists for each of these characters. If this is the case, for the first film this seems like a pretty good choice and not a mistake.

High-end Choreography

We must thank Cecep Arif Rahman and his friends for making the film industry in Indonesia, especially those with action scenes, better.

Cecep’s cold hands succeeded in making Gundala even better with hand to hand combat ala street fighters. I was really amazed by the shooting angle combined with the very good choreography as well. It’s nice that Indonesia is not influenced by foreign action films, which rely on camera cut and multi-angle to increase the tempo of fights.

Gundala Review Conclusion

Now, let’s conclude the Gundala Review this time, Joko Anwar managed to answer the expectations of film lovers and superhero fans in Indonesia. The quality of Gundala’s films can be on the same level as Marvel’s and DC’s Superhero Movies, although actually making a comparison with Marvel and DC is actually a bit exaggerated too.

In terms of choreography and character introductions, I think this film can even surpass Marvel and DC films.